Julia Kimoto '20

Summer intern at Austin Tsutsumi and Associates

Julia Kimoto“I applied for this internship to get a preview of the field of civil engineering before continuing my studies at UP. As a full time summer intern at a civil engineering and surveying firm, I am responsible for helping the civil engineers with calculating take-off quantities, grading for new site improvements, and other tasks to make sure project specs meet standard regulations.

My favorite moment as an intern thus far has been being able to go out on the field to see a project site. It’s exciting and interesting to see the drawings and plans I have looked like become real. I have also learned about the typical work day and projects that a civil engineer does, ranging from new housing subdivision developments, parking lot improvements, and adjusting roads for pedestrian safety. The engineers have been very willing to help me learn, and have taught me things such as Auto CAD, water flow, and grading. Since the time I started at my internship, I have developed stronger professional skills, such as becoming comfortable in a new setting and not being afraid to ask questions. 

I believe internships are important for undergraduate students because it provides the opportunity to work in a professional setting and build relationships with people already in your field of study. It also allows you to see what your life could be like after college, which ultimately provides insight to whether or not you want to continue in your field of study.”