Justin Manahan '22

Project Intern at P&C Construction

Major: Marketing, Innovation Minor

Justin Manahan in hardhat and safety vest“As an intern at P&C Construction, I have learned the duties and responsibilities of what a Project Engineer does as well as understanding the ins and outs of working in the construction industry for a general contractor. I began my internship with this company during the summer of 2019, the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. My responsibilities include performing daily tasks in the job trailer, communicating and reaching out to subcontractors, acquiring and filing critical documents per the construction site, drafting and sending out RFIs and submittals, and walking the job site daily. My favorite part of being an intern has been getting to work and communicate with other interns that are part of other job sites, as well as working on the job site that I am on now. With this current project being my third project with P&C, I am just as curious and engaged as I have been in my previous projects, but I am more confident and assured in the work that I do everyday.

As a civil engineering major at the time during my freshman year of college, I was very interested in the construction industry and how things are designed, built, everything that goes into how a project is ran and executed, as I still am today. The construction industry is fascinating to me, and I knew I wanted to be able to gain internship experience sooner than later. I knew doing an internship would provide me with numerous opportunities, a lot to learn, and great experience for my path through and after college, and I wanted to jump on that as soon as I could.

Landing an internship is one of the best learning opportunities for college students and can help sets them up for great success in college and in their future. Being a part of an internship provides students with experiences and skills that simply can’t be taught from a textbook. I believe that what you learn in school and what you learn in an internship complement each other. Internships open a gateway to an endless amount of opportunities and experiences in a professional field.”