Kathryn Lampe '21

Communications and Events Intern at Columbia Springs

Majors: Environmental Ethics & Policy, English

Kathryn Lampe"As the Communications and Events Intern, I adapted on-site activities for summer events to accommodate Covid-19 health compliance, created a new activity, filmed and edited a video to demonstrate that new activity, and drafted social media posts and a newsletter. I have learned so much about how complicated it is to plan events. I gained experience in multimedia production, including amateur videomaking and newsletter design. I developed skills in social media style writing, such as inciting emotion and maintaining a concise message. Working remotely on an internship, especially part-time, can be challenging, but absolutely rewarding and exciting.

During my previous experience as the Columbia Springs environmental educational intern, I became interested in the communications and events side of the organization through some of the things I helped with there. During an informational interview, I discussed the possibility of an internship with the communications and events coordinator. It ended up working out and they created a new internship!

I believe internships are important because it is vital for students to gain on-site, real-life experience. Getting into the field can help teach you so much about what kinds of things you like and don’t, what you’re good at and aren’t, and what you want to pursue more and don’t. Internships also help you gain professional connections for a head start on your career journey."