Laura Pickering '19

Intern at Janicki Industries

Laura Pickering“During my internship with the stress analysis team at Janicki Industries, my main responsibility was improving the analysis process for the design teams by creating calculation templates in software. One of my favorite moments was getting to work on brainstorming ideas for a new design to help transport parts more efficiently. I really got to throw out my own design ideas and see more into the design process. I learned so much this summer by expanding my knowledge on how equations and problems I work on in class apply in the engineering field. I also learned what it looks like to be an engineer in industry and how different departments interact with each other.

I believe internships are important for undergraduate students because they really give you a chance to apply your learning and see why the things you are learning are actually important. I applied for this internship because I really wanted to get into the industry to learn more about my mechanical engineering major in the ‘real world.’”