Rachel Hu '21

Sales Development Intern at SurveyMonkey

Major: Marketing, Spanish Minor

Rachel Hu“I was a Sales Development Intern at SurveyMonkey, where I worked on inbound leads. When I did get into contact with an interested lead, I made a meeting with an account executive who is the person who can sell SurveyMonkey solutions to the client. I applied for this internship because, as a marketing major, there are many different paths I can go into. I wanted to see if the sales industry was the right path for me and if I could see a future in it. I also wanted to work for SurveyMonkey because I believe that surveys help businesses improve. Since I believed and enjoyed using their product, I felt that I could get a great sales experience with the company.

I learned so much at my time at SurveyMonkey. Since it was a virtual internship, I learned what it meant to work from home. Working from home tested my communication skills, my motivation, and my Zoom fatigue. With the way technology is going, I feel there will be more and more work from home jobs in the future, so this was an invaluable learning experience. I also learned a lot about sales and the tech industry. I used programs like Salesforce, Outreach, and ZoomInfo daily to get the information I needed for a lead. The internship also tested me on my ability to remember product information and then retold relevant information to leads.  Since I am not a computer science major, I never thought about working for a tech company, but I discovered many other roles and perks working for a tech company.

Internships are essential for undergrads because it shows a sneak peek into the field you are interested in. As a student, you don’t know what a career is like until you experience it. I personally don’t know what direction I want my career to go after graduation, so I was thrilled to have an internship in one of my interests. Having experience of any kind looks excellent on a resume and shows the hard work that went into being an intern. A summer internship is perfect for experience and seeing what the future career may hold.”