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Approved Proposal - Next Steps

Following a proposal's acceptance, the faculty member will be supported to arrange the program through the following steps, as the official Faculty Director:

Step 1: Request an Appointment with the Study Abroad Office: Schedule a meeting with the Director for Study Abroad to design (or update) a project schedule, craft an estimated expense budget, draft marketing and promotional materials, learn about the student application process, and to discuss an emergency response/risk management strategy.

Step 2: Make Course Arrangements: Following the meeting with the Study Abroad Office, begin the development of the course (or update) and set arrangements in place at the destination site in conjunction with the Director for Study Abroad.

Faculty Director responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Course development, including on-campus, pre-departure, and travel components (collaborative and experiential learning opportunities).
  2. Input on logistical arrangements, including hotel accommodations, transportation, meals and group activities (Study Abroad Office staff will assist in identifying a provider/partner to arrange these in-country).
  3. Attend and contribute to the Study Abroad Office's pre-departure session that will cover information on University policies, safety procedures, emergency response, and basic intercultural information.

Step 3: Communication/Coordination: Through the use of a Teams Group, ongoing communication with the Study Abroad Office regarding updates and changes to the itinerary, budget, and travel arrangements is essential to ensure the success of the program.

Step 4: Pre-Student Enrollment Meeting: Schedule a meeting with the Director for Study Abroad Office to confirm the final student program fee, discuss the student application process, determine the application deadline and cancellations policies and dates, identify pre-departure information to be provided to the students, and promotional information session dates.

Step 5: Finalize Course and Lock-In Arrangements: Solidify the program itinerary, contracts, and arrangements. The Study Abroad Office will negotiate with providers, authorize final contracts, and coordinate payments for the arrangements.

Step 6: Finalize Arrangements: Confirm all arrangements for the travel component.

Step 7: Overseas instruction component: This is the faculty's time to 'enjoy the fruits of their labor' by offering access to an experience that will enhance, inform, and inspire.

Step 8: Program Follow-Up: Provide the Study Abroad Office with information that will enable the University to make any final payments to providers. 

Step 9: Post-Program Evaluation and Reporting: Schedule a time to meet with the Director for Study Abroad to discuss the outcomes of the program, including the program evaluation completed by the participants and the faculty member's final report.

Step 10: Debrief Meeting/Event: Faculty are welcome to request support from the Study Abroad Office to co-facilitate a student/faculty debrief meeting and/or, if time permissible, an event aimed at showcasing or teaching students how to leverage the study abroad experience within five months of returning to campus.