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Guidelines for Embedded Faculty-Led Courses


These guidelines are based on the UP Faculty-Led Study Abroad Handbook and the following documents from the Forum on Education Abroad: "Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad." 

The following guidelines are for courses taught on campus with an embedded travel component.  

The type of course reviewed through this process is limited to the following: 

  • A 3-credit course taught during the academic semester at UP with a travel component for one or more weeks. 

Travel for an embedded course is limited to the following times: 

  • Fall semester: during fall break or winter break 
  • Spring semester: during spring break or in May at the start of summer break  

NOTE: An embedded course that occurs after the semester must request access to an ‘In Progress (IP)’ course designation from the Office of the Registrar before the course begins. All registered students should be informed of the IP placement that will remain on their record until the submission of all requisite course work and faculty grading occurs (following the travel component). 

Annual deadlines for proposing embedded courses to the Study Abroad Office: 

  • Fall courses – January 1 
  • Spring courses – June 1 

All proposals submitted electronically to the Study Abroad Office will include: 

  1. A Proposal Form  
  2. A Draft Syllabus 
  3. A Draft Program Itinerary 
  4. A Department Chair Approval Form NOTE: Written approval from the Department Chair/Associate Dean is required prior to beginning the review process.   

Submit an Embedded Travel Course Proposal Here.