Faculty-Led Course Proposal Review Process and Considerations | University of Portland

Faculty-Led Course Proposal Review Process and Considerations

Review Process

The proposal packet will be evaluated by the Study Abroad Office, CISGO, and the Provost's Office to determine the following. Course proposals that factor in these considerations will be given highest priority. Feedback will be provided to the faculty within 60-days of the proposal's submission:

  • How the institution's metric for assessing Global and Intercultural Learning Outcomes ("GILOS") is addressed (the course must include at least one)
  • How the proposed course integrates Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Justice related learning objectives within the context of the host country
  • The proposal's consideration of in-country risk mitigation and assessment, including the feasibility of travel due to COVID, scion-political stability, the State Department's country profile and travel status
  • The faculty member's consideration of ethical cross-cultural engagement, cultural humility, and reciprocity within the context of the host country.
  • The accessibility of the course to students from varying disciplines (not required, though favorable)
  • The accessibility of program location to students with varying physical abilities

Proposal Review Considerations:


  • What is the anticipated student interest/demand in the course(s)?
  • What is the anticipated student interest/demand in the location/region?
  • How many students are enrolled in the majors and/or minors relevant to this program?
  • Is the program open to students from a wide variety of disciplines or does it satisfy a specific need?
  • Which students will this program appeal to?


  • Is the course idea supported by the Department Chair/Dean of the school?
  • Does the course(s) fulfill specific requirements (major, minor, core)?
  • Does the course(s) have prerequisites? If so, will this limit the applicant pool?
  • Is the course cross-listed across disciplines?
  • Is the course being initiated jointly with another department or college within UP?
  • Is the course designed to develop and facilitate inter-cultural leaning (with Inclusive Excellence in mind)?
  • What types of learning activities are featured in the course(s)?
  • How does the location enhance the academic and cultural content of the course(s)?
  • Does the course include opportunities for cultural immersion/exposure to host cultures/communities?


  • Is the proposed location 'safe' according to UP Institutional travel policies and as determined by U.S. State Department/CDC guidelines?
  • Is this a less commonly visited destination by UP and/or priority country for study abroad?
  • Are adequate medical services available in the host location?
  • What housing options are available?
  • What support services are available?
  • Will the group have access to public transportation?
  • Does the faculty member have previous experience (teaching, research, other work) in the host region/country?
  • How many other study abroad options are available in this region/country?


  • Is the course itinerary feasible/realistic?
  • Are you familiar with any partners operating in this location?
  • Will the course be affordable?
  • Are there other sources of funding to support the prograM (grant, subsidy, scholarships)?
  • Is the course sustainable (one-time program or plans to repeat)?
  • What were the previous enrollment numbers for the course (if applicable)?
  • Does the faculty member have ideas for promoting the course and recruiting students?

Reoccurring Courses

  • Was student feedback collected the first/last time this course was offered? Was the feedback favorable?
  • Did the faculty submit a report outlining the overseas component of the course, including how it supported on-campus learning before and/or after travel?
  • What was student enrollment the first/last time this course was offered?
  • How much did the students pay to participate in this course last? Was the program/course cost prohibitive?