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Roles and Responsibilities

Faculty Director Responsibilities (generally):

  • Create course description
  • Work with the Study Abroad Office to develop marketing content
  • Primarily responsible for student recruitment and advising
  • Pre-Departure Orientation facilitation
  • Lead in the facilitation of at least one student-facing information session/recruitment event
  • Provide Study Abroad Office with program description to be used in application portal
  • Update travel itinerary to reflect input and guidance from CISGO and the Study Abroad Office
  • Update course syllabus, including academics, learning outcomes, teaching methods, and any speakers/activities to be offered to reflect input and guidance from CISGO and the Study Abroad Office
  • Request final review of syllabus by faculty member’s department or dean
  • Co-facilitate a pre-departure session w/ the support of Study Abroad Office staff
  • Submission of all participant information to UP Campus Safety two weeks prior to departure
  • Reconcile all travel expenses
  • Write course summary report for Study Abroad Office and academic department
  • Complete and submit all required agreements pertaining to the role of Faculty Director

NOTE: All professors abroad share in these responsibilities and will be asked to support the students and faculty director 100%.


The Faculty Director should fulfill the following duties on-site (generally):

  • Provide and/or attend the provider’s initial on-site orientation to introduce the students to the host site and culture (may be in conjunction with on-site program organizer)
  • Contact the Study Abroad Office within 24 hours after arrival to confirm all participants are safe and accounted for
  • Notify the Study Abroad Office immediately if any student leaves the program
  • Never loan students program or personal funds unless it is an extreme emergency. Faculty Directors will not be reimbursed by the University for loaning money to participants unless authorized in advance by the Study Abroad Office.
  • Be responsible for the academic integrity of the course and coordinating class activities
  • Cooperate with other on-site faculty members or staff regarding the program objectives
  • Act as liaison between the students and any individuals or entities providing services to the program
  • Ensure the onsite cooperating institution/organization is delivering services according to the contract (a copy is provided to the Faculty Director by Study Abroad Office prior to departure). If problems arise, the Faculty Director should is provided alert the Study Abroad Office immediately so any discrepancies can be resolved in a timely manner.
  • Enforce the policy that non-program participants are not allowed to accompany the participants on program-sponsored excursions or activities unless previously discussed with Study Abroad Office staff
  • Communicate academic and disciplinary roles clearly to the students
  • Respond to any emergency situations or serious incidents which may arise (e.g. illness, accident, crime involving participants(s), severe behavioral issues, natural disaster, political uprising) and notify the Study Abroad Office as soon as possible by email or phone (see section on Emergencies)
  • Report any sexual harassment complaints in accordance with Title IX regulations and university policy
  • Report any crimes in accordance with the Clery Act (in their capacity as permanent designated Campus Security Authorities) and university policy
  • If a sexual harassment, crime, or other health and safety incident should occur, faculty must complete a UP Study Abroad Incident Report form (see Faculty Handbook)
  • Itemize usage of any fund advances and other necessary expenses and collect receipts which will be submitted for reconciliation upon return.

NOTE: All professors abroad share in these responsibilities and will be asked to support the students and faculty director 100%.



Study Abroad Office Responsibilities:

  • Lead in managing logistics, including accommodations, transportation, meals, speakers/activities as needed, with input from faculty
  • Create budget in conjunction with input from faculty that follows the guidelines of the University
  • Assist faculty with course marketing and promotion
  • Support the faculty with promoting student application form for course and to determine student program fee, deadline dates, cancellation dates, etc.
  • Finalize the minimum/maximum enrollment, number of faculty/on-ground support staff
  • Launch student application form, manage applications and applicant cancellations
  • Work with Student Accounts to collect deposits and program fees
  • Collect critical forms from students, including liability waiver, emergency contact information, health insurance information, copy of passport, physical or dietary restrictions
  • Provide health, safety, visa, and intercultural information to students
  • Provide evaluation survey to students and faculty
  • Field and re-direct student questions and communications
  • Work with faculty on budget and p-card expenses related to program
  • Review all agreements and, contracts
  • Pay invoices, deposits, vendors
  • Organize faculty payment and Purchase Card
  • Attend/co-facilitate info session (time permissible)
  • Build program application and landing page on Study Abroad Office website
  • Co-review/confirm applications
  • Co-present a pre-departure session w/ faculty lead (time permissible)
  • Purchase insurance for all travelers
  • Provider re-entry resources and event for all travelers
  • And, all other responsibilities as necessary.