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Kate Regan Short Film Festival

March 26, 2015 found over 200 students, faculty, staff, and community members gathered in Bauccio Commons Board Room for the 2nd Annual Short Film Festival, re-named this year for its founder, Kate Regan. There were 33 submissions, up from just 5 last year, in 5 categories: Animation, Narrative, Documentary, Humor, and International. Each category received multiple submissions, which were judged by a panel comprising 2 professional film makers from off campus, 2 UP faculty who use film extensively in their work, and one senior undergraduate student who had worked with Kate on digital stories in her Spanish coursework. The winners in each category were: 

Jason Smith- Animated

Cassie Sheridan- Documentary

Hunter Crawford- Humor

Thomas Dempsey- International

Gabriela Riegos- Narrative and Best in Show

Multiple campus entities contributed time, professional judgment, and material goods or funds to support the festival: CISGO, Garavanta Center, Academic Technology Services, Campus Program Board, International Student Services, Digital Initiatives Lab, and the Provost and President. The Steering committee included Maria Erb, Jose Velazco, Gwen Sandford, Andrea Castanette, Lauren Gaskill, and Karen Eifler. The festival morphed in one year from an almost ad hoc gathering to a highly structured campus-wide event, featuring screenings of all the winning films, a montage of short films Kate was working on at the time of her passing, a film constructed in the 24 hour Filmathon which preceded the festival by a week, a photo booth and a virtual reality trivia contest raffle. It is also worth noting that the festival was very well supported by the Digital Initiatives Lab in the Library, which sponsored at least one film-making workshop each month of the academic year, free and open to all campus members. Both the Moreau Center and Campus Ministry included the creation in digital stories in their preparation programs for participants in immersion and pilgrimage programs. The evolution of the festival from the initial call for entries and the final winners and photos of the event itself can be found on the festival's official website, The tentative date for the Third Annual Kate Regan Short Film Festival is Thursday, February 25, 2016 in BC Auditorium.