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Name Pronunciation

To assist readers with name pronunciation at the ceremonies, undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity and are encouraged to record their names. Names are recorded online.

You will need your UP ID to record your name.

Begin Recording 

If you have difficulty recording your name, contact the events office at 503.943.1901 or

Note to all students, their families and guests: Please know that every effort is made to ensure that names are pronounced properly at Commencement. The name pronunciation program, though helpful, is not a guarantee that all names will be pronounced correctly. Readers are instructed to contact the student directly if the student did not make a recording or if it was inaudible. Readers also know to check with students as they line up before the procession if they have not been able to reach the student by email. These processes have largely been successful; however, due to the high number of names read by each reader, mistakes sometimes happen. Readers try their best and understand the importance of the occasion for the students and their families and guests.