Contingency Instruction Plan - Addendum IV

The following message was sent to all faculty from Provost Thomas G. Greene on March 12, 2020

By now, you have read Father Poorman’s message about our transition to online instruction in order to act on our highest priority, the health and safety of UP community members. Between now and Wednesday morning March 18, at 8:10 AM, you must be ready to conduct your courses over the internet. You are encouraged to prepare for online instruction by using the guidelines that were issued earlier in Contingency Instruction Plans with Addenda I-III. All of the previously issued memos remain in effect, but this addendum IV adds more information. There undoubtedly will be more addenda to come and it is hoped that these directives help us maintain an instructional program with integrity during this challenging time.

In-person courses will continue through Friday, March 13. You may share additional information with your students about your plans during any Friday class sessions. No classes will be held on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17 for faculty to prepare for online instruction to begin on Wednesday, March 18. All faculty should be ready to communicate their instructional plans on or before March 18.

I need to report our plan to our accreditors and your effort at careful implementation of the plan will help ensure that UP meets the fidelity expected for accreditation standards. We will be implementing online instruction for greater than 72 hours, so all the directives in that section of the Contingency Instruction Plan and the additional addenda must be implemented. 

It is impossible to overemphasize how important it is to implement our online instruction program as precisely as possible, albeit some flexibility may be required. Our students have paid tuition and we must provide the instruction necessary to meet course outcomes and degree requirements. The same is true for office services in the Academic Division. Course schedules must be kept and there must be timely responses to our students from staff in offices, centers and faculty members. No one is experiencing a loss of compensation during this online instruction period and therefore our vigilance in fulfilling our commitment to students cannot be compromised.

Thank you for all the extra effort to help the University maintain its mission to our students during the online instruction period. Our students deserve our best. 

Additional Information

ATSI Training Opportunities Focused on Online Training

Over the next few days, The Academic Technology Services and Innovation Team will provide just-in-time training opportunities (webinars and in person) for faculty members wanting to enhance their technology skills in preparation for online teaching.  Sessions are:

  • ATSI staff will begin hosting virtual training sessions on Moodle, Teams, and Lecture Capture starting Friday March 13th. Links to join the sessions will be available on the ATSI training calendar.

  • Online Learning support materials are available at:
  • In preparation for teaching at distance, please make sure all of your instructional materials needed for class are available to you. If located on your campus office computer, make sure they are moved to OneDrive, P drive, or already posted to your Moodle course. You will be able to gain access to those services and your instructional content by visiting

For more information on how to access campus technology, help sheets, and information on available hardware visit

Specialized software needed for courses will be available in our Virtual Desktop environment at:

Online Teaching Coaches

Each Dean will solicit volunteers from their unit to serve as technology/Moodle coaches for faculty members in their respective units. These coaches will augment the online support offered by ATSI and the University Help Desk. Deans will share contact information. 

AES and Accommodations

During the online instruction, all accommodations must be observed. Please check with AES, Melanie Gangle, ( if there are any questions. 

Academic Rules and Regulations

All Academic Rules and Regulations remain in effect during this COVID-19 online instruction period. Consult the Bulletin: 

Faculty and Staff Hours and Offices/Classrooms

Faculty and staff members will have accessibility to their offices and classroom during the online instruction period. If you prefer, you may use your classroom for instruction. Please carry your ID card at all times for building access.

Exempt and non-exempt staff will maintain regular work schedules until further notice. Guidelines about COVID – 19 telecommuting will be forthcoming. 

Advising and Registration

Academic advising for Fall 2020 will proceed as planned via email. Online registration for Fall 2020 will occur as scheduled, beginning on Monday evening, March 23. Please contact your advisees in preparation for registration.

Program counselors and faculty members must alert students to online advising procedures ASAP. Associate deans will ensure this is happening in their units. Guidance and resources regarding advising can be found at:

Clinical Practice in Education and Nursing, and Internships

Many students are currently participating in clinicals, internships for credit, or student teaching assignments. The dean’s office will provide additional information about the completion of this coursework.


Students should continue to work on capstones (individual or group) through online programs, email, etc.

The Clark Library

The Clark Library is well-prepared to support coursework during the online instruction period. Many resources are available electronically so the majority of the research needs should be met. Please see for links to remote Library services.

Reference questions can be directed to the email address: and one can use Library Chat to ask questions from anywhere.

The Clark library will post hours of operation for borrowing books, media and course reserves. The Library will not be open as a study location, but librarians are online and resources are available. 

The Clark Library will post hours of operation for borrowing books, media and course reserves. The Clark Library will not be open as a study location, but librarians are online and resources are available.

Learning Commons in the Shepard Academic Resource Center

In preparation to the University of Portland’s transition to online instruction, the Learning Commons will begin providing online tutoring by appointment on Wednesday, March 18. Students can make appointments by email or WCONLINE by clicking the following links:

The Learning Commons may add new virtual tutoring offerings in the coming days.

This virtual tutoring will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform which is available through the University’s Office 365 MyApps at To support the success of their virtual tutoring appointments student can take the following steps:

  • Use a laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone.
  • Become familiar with the Office 365 MyApps and search for the Teams app. Go to an introductory video on joining a meeting in Teams at
  • If possible, download the Microsoft Teams app on their device.
  • Schedule appointments 48 hours in advance, if possible.
  • Maintain patience and understanding as our tutors develop their proficiencies with running virtual tutoring session on Teams.
  • Visit the Learning Commons’ website at for updates on its virtual tutoring options and policies.

The Learning Commons is developing a Student Guide to be released by March 17th. This guide will be available on the Learning Commons’ website at

All questions regarding the Learning Commons’ virtual tutoring program can be directed to Jeffrey White, Learning Commons Administrator at

Events and Meetings

During this COVID-19 online instruction period, we should not hold any in-person academic events. Any exceptions need to be approved by a Dean or the Provost.

In-person meetings should be limited. For any meetings that need to be held, follow social distancing precautions and provide online access.


Until further notice, all University of Portland-sponsored and/or reimbursed travel must be postponed or canceled unless written exception is granted. Such written exception may only be granted by the Provost (in the case of travel related to the University’s academic division) or by a relevant University Vice President (in the case of all other University-sponsored and/or reimbursed travel). 

These restrictions do not apply to University-sponsored and/or reimbursed travel by UP community members who are returning home or to campus. However, any individual who has traveled to a country that the CDC has designated as Travel Warning Level 3 country must self-quarantine for fourteen days and obtain medical clearance prior to coming to campus.

Until further notice, the University strongly discourages personal travel to international locations. Community members should review travel advisories from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Department of State prior to traveling abroad. Community members are further encouraged to review the risks associated with international travel at this time including, but not limited to, the risk of: (a) not being allowed to leave a foreign country and return to the United States; and, (b) being placed into mandatory quarantine upon arrival in the United States or another location.

Any individual who engages in personal travel to a CDC Warning Level 3 country must self-quarantine for fourteen days and receive medical clearance prior to coming to campus.  Conditions are evolving quickly, and other countries could be added to CDC and State Department advisories in the coming days and weeks. Thus, if individuals choose to travel abroad for personal reasons, they should frequently review CDC and State Department advisories.

Any individual who engages in personal international travel must provide notice to the University by contacting the Assistant Provost for International Education, Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Eduardo Contreras at and/or 503.943.8266 prior to returning to campus.