Contingency Instruction Plan - Addendum V

The following message was sent to all students and faculty from Provost Thomas G. Greene on March 13, 2020

Registrar Services

The Office of the Registrar will plan to continue services to the University community while instruction continues online. Here is an update to our available services while online:

  • To withdraw from a course, please email your program counselor and copy your instructor. The Registrar’s Office will process the withdrawal once it is approved by your program counselor.  The last day to withdraw is April 8, 2020.

  • Transcripts will be available as normal and will have an estimated processing time of two to three business days. Rush service will not be available. You can find information and instructions in the portal at Registrar – Students/Requests or on the main web page at under Students/Transcripts. 

  • Any forms or certifications that need processing can be sent to and we will be responding as necessary and in the order they are received. All emails need to be sent from your email account.

  • Fall 2020 registration will take place as normal online for undergraduate students beginning on March 23. You can view information in the portal for Advance Registration or on our website at

  • Courses requiring approvals will be handled by your program counselor.

  • Variable credit forms will need to wait until you return to campus to be processed.

  • Waitlist procedures will be the same as usual for those courses that have them.

  • If a course does not have a waitlist and it is closed you need to contact the department chair for approval.

  • Please direct any additional registration questions to your program counselor.

Additional Information about the Clark Library

All library services are available, but we are continuing to search for the right balance between the use of the library building and demand as we transition from in-class to online instruction.  Watch for additional information as we determine how many students will be staying on or near campus and also balance that against the  purpose of the transition which is to prevent the spread of disease through social distancing.

Moodle Log In and Different Time Zones

Students must log on to the Moodle class site during regular class times to maintain the fidelity of the Contingency Instruction Plan so we can award credits and grades. If you live in different time zone during this online instruction period your faculty member may share a plan for accommodating such on or before Wednesday, March 18, or you can advise your faculty member who will provide an allowance consistent with the plan.