Online Instruction Plan

The following message was sent to all undergraduate and graduate student from Provost Thomas G. Greene on March 12, 2020

By now, you have read Father Poorman’s message about the University’s transition to online instruction beginning Wednesday, March 18. As we make this transition, it is very important that you read this message and prepare to continue your UP coursework online beginning Wednesday, March 18, at 8:10 AM. It is important that you follow and comply with the directions carefully to earn your credits and grades for this semester.

In-person courses will continue through Friday, March 13. Your instructor may have additional information for you in class. No classes will be held on Monday, March 16 and Tuesday, March 17 for faculty to prepare for online instruction to begin on Wednesday, March 18.

General Directions

As usual, please routinely check the University website and/or email for additional information. If you have any questions or problems, you can contact your faculty member, associate dean,  dean or anyone else at the University through email. For technology support, the help desk is available on line at If you are leaving campus/Portland to return home, please make sure that all your course materials, books, course packs, notes, etc. are with you.

Deans and Department Chairs may provide program specific information.

Equipment and Software Requirements

The University’s Learning Management System (Moodle) will be used during the online period of instruction. Additionally, some faculty members have special software tools that are not as broadly licensed but perform similar tasks and they may use that software to interact with students. Some faculty members may just use email for instruction. They will be in contact with you for each scheduled class session.

You need to have a laptop, tablet or desk computer or access to such equipment in order to continue to learn and earn credit from your location. If you do not have access to such equipment, please contact your Dean’s office or the help desk at

Online Course Instruction Procedures

All faculty members and students must implement the following instructional practices.

For each class session during the online instruction period, faculty members will post the day’s lecture (via video or in written form) and/or directions for the class session on the learning management system, Moodle. Each class session will be posted and dated for easy reference by students and for documentation of credit earned. Handouts, articles, and other material will also be posted. Faculty members will make sure that everything needed for the class session is posted on Moodle by the start time of the regular class session. Faculty members must record attendance during the class session by looking to see which students have accessed Moodle by the normal time for the class session to end. These records will be kept. A record of attendance is required to provide consistency, accountability and fidelity to the instruction plan filed with accrediting agencies.

Students must access Moodle, email, and/or other software being used by the instructor and listen to the lecture and/or complete class session activities during regular class time so that attendance is recorded, and credit and a grade can be awarded. Failure to log in during class time will indicate an absence for class and could compromise credit for the course.

Faculty members may allow students to submit assignments through other programs as well, but minimally, instructors will accept assignments submitted by email or Moodle. A test proctoring solution is in place for exams delivered in Moodle (Proctorio). Your faculty member will provide the specifics for how they want assignments to be submitted.

So, in summary, your role as a student is to check in to your course on Moodle or email during the normal time of the class session for each course in order to record your attendance and then follow the instructions from your faculty member.   

Office Hours

Faculty members will use Moodle or email to notify students of their regular office hours.  Faculty members will conduct normal office hours via email or telephone (if the latter is preferred) during the online instruction period. Check your course syllabus for office hour times to reach the faculty member.

Clinical Practice in Education and Nursing, and Internships

Many students are currently participating in clinicals, internships for credit, or student teaching assignments. The dean’s office will provide additional information about the completion of this coursework.


Students should continue to work on capstones (individual or group) through online programs, email, etc. Contact your faculty member, if you have questions.

Offices and Centers 

Offices and Centers in the Academic Division will maintain normal operations as possible, during the online instruction period. You may contact the office or center via email.

The Clark Library

The Clark Library is well-prepared to support coursework during the online instruction period. Many resources are available electronically so the majority of the research needs should be met. Please see for links to remote Library services.

Reference questions can be directed to the email address: and one can use Library Chat to ask questions from anywhere.

Additionally, the Clark library will post hours of operation for borrowing books, media and course reserves. The Clark Library will not be open as a study location, but librarians are online and resources are available.

Learning Commons Services

In preparation to the University of Portland’s transition to online instruction, the Learning Commons will begin providing online tutoring by appointment on Wednesday, March 18. Students can make appointments by email or WCONLINE by clicking the following links:

Math Resource Center: Students should go to to or the Learning Commons website to access the WCONLINE scheduler. MTH 141 appointments are available at For help at a time not offered on the scheduler, students can send an email request to

Writing Assistance: Students can an appointment at or go to the Learning Commons website to click the link to the appointment scheduler. For help at a time not offered on the scheduler, students can send an email request to

Nursing Tutoring: For individual and group peer tutoring in any of the 100–400 level nursing classes, BIO 205, and anatomy and physiology courses students should send an email to  For biology and A&P tutoring, they can also contact to make an appointment.

The Language Studio: Students can access language tutor hotlines at,,, or

Natural Sciences Center: Students can request biology, chemistry, and physics tutoring appointments at,, or

Business Tutoring: Students can request for tutoring in economics (, accounting (, finance (, OTM (, business law (, and MTH 141/Finite Math ( 

Speech & Presentation Lab: Students can improve your presentation skills online by requesting an appointment at    

Group Work Lab: Students can meet as a group to develop their project with a Group Work Lab consultant at   

Computer Science: Students can access the computer science tutors at

The Learning Commons may add new virtual tutoring offerings in the coming days.

This virtual tutoring will take place on the Microsoft Teams platform which is available through the University’s Office 365 MyApps at To support the success of their virtual tutoring appointments student can take the following steps:

  • Use a laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone.
  • Become familiar with the Office 365 MyApps and search for the Teams app. Go to an introductory video on joining a meeting in Teams at
  • If possible, download the Microsoft Teams app on their device.
  • Schedule appointments 48 hours in advance, if possible.
  • Maintain patience and understanding as our tutors develop their proficiencies with running virtual tutoring session on Teams.
  • Visit the Learning Commons’ website at for updates on its virtual tutoring options and policies.

The Learning Commons is developing a Student Guide to be released by March 17th. This guide will be available on the Learning Commons’ website at

All questions regarding the Learning Commons’ virtual tutoring program can be directed to Jeffrey White, Learning Commons Administrator at


Associate Deans, Program counselors and faculty members will alert students to online advising procedures ASAP. Guidance and resources regarding advising can be found at:


All currently enrolled students can register online for fall Semester 2020 with their alternate pin, which can be obtained from your advisor. Per usual, Advance Registration will begin on Monday evening March 23rd and is conducted according to your credit hours earned and by the first letter of your last name. See Advance Registration Schedule in PilotsUP for specific dates and times. Students may register at their assigned time or later. More information can be found at:

FAQs and Answers

Question: Are we going to have Commencement exercises?

Answer: At present, there are no plans to cancel the University’s Commencement exercises in May.

Question: Will I graduate on time?

Answer: If you are current with the requirements for your degree before the beginning of this semester, and successfully complete this semester, you will graduate on time.

Question: What should I do if there seems to be a problem with my course or faculty member?

Answer: Contact your Dean’s Office.

Question: When will face to face instruction resume?

Answer: Information on resuming face to face instruction will be provided as appropriate. Please continue to check your email for further announcements.

Question: Are Academic Buildings open to students?

Answer: If you have a specific meeting or reason to enter a building, then you may use card access.