Message about Pass/No Pass Classes from Provost Thomas Greene - April 3

The following message was sent to students on April 3 from Provost Thomas Greene.

Good Afternoon, Students:

There are two announcements below.  The first one applies to undergraduate students seeking to change courses to P/NP grades.  Students wishing to do this should consult with their instructor and those listed at the end of the first message, particularly students who have applied for graduation.

The second message about summer school is for all students, both graduate and undergraduate.

Academic Exception Regulation and Pass/No Pass for Undergraduate Students

On behalf of the academic leadership and faculty of the University, I write to address a concern regarding undergraduate grades for the Spring 2020 semester. The past three weeks since Spring Break have been incredibly challenging for all us. None of us, including students, faculty, or staff, came to UP to take or teach courses remotely. We greatly appreciate the patience that you have shown. We recognize that the shock of moving classes online is only one of many trials that may have impacted you over the past few weeks. Other challenges that many of you are facing include the sudden move home and being away from friends, finding a study schedule and quiet places at home, worry about the health of family and friends, fears of economic hardship for family and friends, and the general anxiety caused by the uncertainty that surrounds us, among myriad concerns.

Despite these many changes, as Pilots, we must rise to challenges and finish the semester strong, always doing our best. We are, however, offering that you may use the existing academic exception regulation to expand the Pass/No Pass option to any course in which you are currently enrolled while adhering to the stipulations addressed below. Please read all of the points below carefully and contact your associate dean’s office with questions or to file a special request to choose the Pass/No Pass option for a course or courses.

Before making the decision to contact your associate dean’s office or submit a form, we suggest that you consult with your instructor to understand where you stand in a course. You should also know exactly what choosing the Pass/No Pass option means. The regulations that govern grades in the University Bulletin can be found at

To highlight basic elements of the Pass/No Pass regulation, courses attempted under the Pass/No Pass option and completed successfully (Pass) carry academic credit, while unsuccessful performance (No Pass) carry no credit, but will be listed on the student's transcript. However, neither result will be included in the computation of the grade point average.

  • Grades assigned will include P for performance ranging from D- to A and NP for F.
  • The instructor will not be aware that a student is enrolled under the P/NP system unless the student informs them of their choice. The letter grade the instructor submits will be translated into either P or an NP by the registrar.


Acknowledging the parameters above, the following exceptions to the general regulations are being made available for undergraduate students only to choose the Pass/No Pass option during Spring 2020.

  • For the Spring 2020 semester only, the ability to take a course P/NP will be extended beyond the 3 elective courses to include any courses other than those stipulated below:
    • Since a P covers grades ranging from D- to A, any course that counts toward a student’s major(s) or any course that is a prerequisite to another course that is required for a student’s degree program cannot be moved to P/NP.
  • One change in registration from regular status to pass/no pass or vice versa will be allowed per course through the date listed in the University calendar, which this year has been extended through April 15, 2020.
  • For Spring 2020 only, a grade of F will be recorded as a NP. Thus, the failing grade will not be factored into a student’s GPA. Neither grade (F or NP) will receive credit.
  • Students electing to have a P/NP grade for any course must remain engaged in the course and record faithful attendance through the end of the semester.
  • To ensure that a student does not move a course to P/NP for which they must have a regular letter grade (see above), students must still have the approval of their associate dean’s office before changing any course to P/NP.
  • To choose the P/NP option for a course, students must fill out the modified P/NP Exception Form for each course that the student wishes to change to P/NP by the end of the business day (4:30 pm Pacific Time) on Wednesday, April 15, 2020. By that time and date, all special P/NP Exception forms must be submitted to the associate dean (or program counselor) of your unit.
  • The special P/NP Exception form can be found at on the Registrar – Student page at PilotsUP.  The link is

Financial Aid Considerations

A student’s financial aid eligibility will not be impacted by receiving a P grade instead of a regular letter grade, since credits are still earned for the course. However, NP grades do not receive credit. Students who are in danger of receiving no credit for a course should consult the Financial Aid Handbook at to understand the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy.

Students who are already under Financial Aid Warning in Spring 2020 and do not meet one or more of the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy components are placed on Financial Aid Suspension for the next semester. These students are not eligible for Financial Aid during the upcoming semester, but they may appeal to receive their aid. Extenuating circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic would certainly constitute a valid rationale for a student to appeal a suspension of their financial aid.

For assistance in choosing the P/NP option, contact your program counselor for your School or College. Those students who have applied for graduation should especially do this as early as possible.  

Program Counselor contact information is listed below: 

College of Arts & Sciences

  • Aimee Davidse, Rebecca Henley, and Katie Richardson: OR 503-943-7221. Call or email to schedule a Microsoft Teams appointment.

Pamplin School of Business

Shiley School of Engineering

  • Lindsay Chelton (upper-division):, 503-943-7180 or via Microsoft Teams
  • Jamie Merritt (lower-division):, 503-943-7612 or via Microsoft Teams

School of Education

School of Nursing

  • Becca Fischer (juniors, seniors): Email to schedule a Microsoft Teams appointment.
  • Kristen Kordecki (first-years, sophomores): Email to schedule a Microsoft Teams appointment.

Summer School

All summer courses that begin on May 18, 2020 will be offered online. Such courses include the 6-week offerings of Summer Session I that end on June 26, 8-week offerings that end on July 10, and 12-week offerings that span the entire summer and end on August 6, 2020. A decision regarding the format for most of the 6-week courses offered in Summer Session II, beginning on June 29, will be made on or before May 1, 2020. However, any sequenced courses (e.g. Physics 201 and 202) for which the first half of the sequence is offered online during Session I will continue to be offered online in Session II. Depending on the circumstances, other Session II courses may have the option to be offered with in-class or hybrid formats. This move to online instruction is specific to Summer 2020, and is a direct result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Schools and programs that must meet requirements for licensure and/or accreditation may have differing timelines and guidelines for summer classes. Please follow the guidance of your dean’s office for the specific parameters of your program.