COVID-19 Operations Task Force

Purpose: Our goal is to gather university-wide thinking on how the campus will safely return to operations in a COVID-19 world. Merge institutional needs with best practices to develop institutional COVID-19 safe operating protocols.

Scope: What do we need to do to make sure the University is ready to open on time? And continue operating once we're open?

Committee Members:

  • Sean Ducey (Co-Chair), University Events
  • Joe Cates (Co-Chair), Physical Plant
  • Xan Arch, Library
  • Kerry Ford, Residence Life
  • David Hobbs, University Operations
  • Kirk Mustain, Bon Appetit
  • John Orr, Provost’s Office
  • Jim Ravelli, University Operations
  • Sarah Schmits, Environmental Health & Safety
  • Mary Scroggins, Marketing & Communications
  • Dan Seabeck, Athletics
  • Michelle Sunderland, Technical Services
  • Sarah Westbrook, Campus Safety

Faculty/Staff submit an idea or question to the Task Force