2014 Projects

Ellyn Arwood, EdD, and Bonnie Robb, School of Education, "Equal Access to Learning: A Social Justice Issue"

Amelia Ahern-Rindell, PhD, and Alex Quackenbush, College of Arts and Sciences: Biology, "Ethics Tutorial for Students Engaging in Undergraduate Biological Research"

Lauretta Frederking, PhD, and Andrew Herzog, College of Arts and Sciences: Political Science, "The Case of Comprehensive Immigration Reform: How Ideals and Interests Challenge Ethical Policies"

Rich Gritta, DBA, and Ryan Gillespie, Pamplin School of Business Administration, "Securities Ethics Forum"

Kevin Jones, MA, and Erika Standeven, College of Arts and Sciences: Social Work, "An Ethics and Ethical Decision Making Casebook for Youth Mentoring Programs and Participants"

Lorretta Krautscheid, PhD, and Justin Britton, School of Nursing, "Micro-Ethical Decisions in Clinical Practice Settings: A Qualitative Investigation of Student Nurse Experiences" (A continuation of 2012/13 to implement recommended educational strategies and to conduct further research)

Ellen Lippman, PhD, and Martin McMahon, Pamplin School of Business Administration, "The Effect of Accounting on the Business of War: Ethical Considerations During the American Civil War and Implications for Today"

Mark Meckler, PhD, and Ana Peterlin, Pamplin School of Business Administration, "The Impact of Authenticity and Truthfulness of Micro-Level Economic Behavior on Regional and National Economic Health"

Martin Monto, PhD, and Kathryn Walters, College of Arts and Sciences: Sociology, "Ethics and the Decline of Religiosity Among Students at a Catholic University"


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