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2015 Projects

Hannah Callender, PhD, and Hannah Biegel, College of Arts and Sciences: Mathematics, "The Role of Mathematical Models in Attenuating or Accentuating Ethical Dilemmas"

Patricia Cox, DNP, and Sarah Baca, School of Nursing, "Strengthening Applied Ethics Education in a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program"

Heather Dillon, PhD, and Loreal Camp, Shiley School of Engineering, "Quantifying Ethics Exposure in Mechanical Engineering"

Andrew Downs, PhD, and Sydney Volkerts, College of Arts and Sciences: Psychology, "Discounting the Future and (Un)Ethical Decision-Making: An Experimental Analysis"

Vail Fletcher, PhD, and Amelia Cole, College of Arts and Sciences: Communication Studies, "Rethinking Prisoner (Re) Habilitation in the 'Justice' System: an Ethical Consideration of the Role of Socially Intelligent Robots in Building Empathic Skills"

Alice Gates, PhD, and Deanna Wright, College of Arts and Sciences: Social Work, "Beyond Coping: Exploring How Today's Social Workers Interpret and Express the Profession's Ethical Responsibilities to Broader Society"

Naveen Gudigantala, PhD, and Marcie Abreu, Pamplin School of Business Administration, "An Examination of Ethical Issues in Gray Markets Involving Information Technology (IT) Products"

Jennette Lovejoy, PhD, and Nastacia Voisin, College of Arts and Sciences: Communication Studies, "If It Bleeds, It Leads? Ethical Decision-Making and Capturing Audience in the 21st Century Mediascape"

Tammy VanDeGrift, PhD, and Zulema (Zuly) Naegele, Shiley School of Engineering, "How Engineering and Computer Science Students' Value Diversity in their Profession"