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2016 Projects

Application of Ethics Projects

Rich Christen, PhD, and Natalie Janson, education, "Ethics for Elementary Students"

Andrew Guest, PhD, psychology, and Jesse Dunn, "The Ethics of Sport as Public Scholarship: Social Science Perspectives on Sports Culture"

Cara Hersh, PhD, English, and Kevin Chung, "Posthuman and Pre-Human: Posthuman Ethics and Pre-Modern Literature"

Ellen Lippman, PhD, accounting, and Grace Holmes, "Perceptions of Ethical Lapse: White Collar Crimes and Crimes of Our Neighbors"

Kathleen McManus, OP, PhD, theology, and Jessica Brown,  "A Cross-Grained Praxis of Mysticism: The Global Suffering of Women as an Ethical Imperative for the Church"

Jeffrey W. Meiser, PhD, political science, and Jordan Paul, " The Dilemma of an African Soldier"

Amber Vermeesch, PhD, RN, FNP-C, nursing, and Derek Simmons, " Investigating Current Issues Prohibiting Doctor of Nursing Practice Graduate Students from Voicing Their Values During Ethical Dilemmas in the Clinical Environment"

Ethics Curriculum Fellowships

Hannah Callender, PhD, and Stephanie Salomone, PhD, mathematics, and Tangereen Claringbold and Branwen Schaub, " Infusing Upper-Division Mathematics Courses with Intentional Writing about Belief and Use of Assumptions"

Heather Dillon, PhD, and Tim Doughty, PhD, mechanical engineering, and Claire Pfeiffer and Ryan Barr, "Engineering a Change"

Lauretta Frederking, PhD, and Anne Santiago, PhD, political science, and Jenna Kunz and Everett McLean, "Political Problems—Ethical Opportunities"