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2017 Projects

Application of Ethics Projects

Nicole Hanig, DMA, performing & fine arts, and Catherine Jacobs, "Music and Poetry: Contemplating Ethics through Art Song"

Kevin Jones, PhD, MSW, social work, and Sarah Cook, "Applying and Disseminating an Ethical Decision Making Casebook for Youth Mentoring Programs and Participants"

Kala Mayer, PhD, MPH, RN, nursing, and Nicole Schlotfeldt, "Facilitating Moral Courage to Overcome Moral Distress in Public Health Nursing Student Care"

Shannon Mayer, PhD, physics, and Joseph Albright, "Exploring Ethical Issues in Physics: The Intersection of Science Policy and Modern Optics"

Ian Parkman, PhD , business, and Ria Hoffman, "Pink or Blue? An Empirical Investigation of Gender-Role Stereotypes and Marketing"

Cara Poor, PhD, engineering, and Antonia Molina, "Ignoring the Problem Won't Make It Go Away: Ethical Responsibilities of Civil Engineers"

Nicole Ralston, PhD, education, and Mary Shortino-Buck, "Mandates vs. Beliefs: How Do Teaching Professionals Address Ethical Dilemmas?"

David Turnbloom, PhD, theology, and Valerie Smith, "The Risk of Merciful Encounters: Lessons from Luke 15"

Ethics Curriculum Fellowships

Andrew Guest, PhD, and Louisa Egan Brad, PhD, psychological sciences, and Estephania Morales and Vandric Castro, "Professional Development as Ethical Development: Designing and Implementing a Curriculum for Psychology Majors"

Lorretta Krautscheid, PhD, and Laura Mood, PhD, nursing, and Taylor Mossman and Marie Wagner, "Transdisciplinary Applied Ethics Curriculum: Innovative Interventions Promoting Moral Agency, Resilience, and an Ethical Healthcare Milieu"