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2018 Projects

Application of Ethics Projects

Ami Ahern Rindell, PhD, biology, and Raluca Gosmann, "Ethical Issues Regarding the Research of Ancient Human Remains"

Xan Arch, MS, Clark Library, and Kirby Graff and Gabriela Quinonez-Riegos, "An Investigation of Information Ethics and Practice at Clark Library"

Teri Grimmer, CPA, CGMA, MS, business, and McKenzie Ervin, "Crime or Compassion: The Analysis of Pink Collar Crime"

Randy Hetherington, EdD, education, and Sundey Christen, "Decision to Retain: A Moral and Ethical Dilemma for Teaching Professionals"

Deana Julka, PhD, psychology, and Randall Olson, "Using Fear to Persuade: A Look at the Efficacy and Ethics of Using Fear Appeals"

David Turnbloom, PhD, theology, and Jonathan Wiley, "Academic Liturgies: Archaeology as Formation"

Ethics Curriculum Fellowships

Mehmet Inan, D, civil engineering, and Cara Poor, PhD, PE, civil engineering, and Abigail Chase, and Samantha Schwisow, "Integrating Ethics Across the Civil Engineering Curriculum"