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Lindsay Benes

School of Nursing, Associate Dean for Graduate Education and Evaluation

Lindsay Benes


Buckley Center 315

Title IX Responsible Employee

Title IX Responsible Employees are required to report Title IX information to the Title IX Office. See FAQs for more information.


Lindsay Lancaster Benes, PhD, RN, CNS has had the immense good fortune, throughout her nursing career, to remain actively involved in the three pillars of nursing; teaching, research, and practice. She fulfills her true passion of teaching through the education of the stellar undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Portland. Her work with the undergraduate students focuses primarily on working with seniors during their advanced medical surgical course and clinical work. In the graduate program, Dr. Benes is immensely fortunate to teach advanced pathophysiology to the DNP students as they set the science-based foundation for their clinical practice. Dr. Benes also guides the DNP students through courses pertaining to biostatistics, evidence based practice, quality improvement, and translational research, which culminate in their DNP Scholarly Project, a practice improvement endeavor aimed to enhance provider practice in a chosen healthcare organization. In these courses, Dr. Benes draws upon her research at Kaiser Permanente’s Center for Health Research implementing a pragmatic clinical trial in three regions of Kaiser. This pragmatic trial works to embed system-level changes to the overarching management of persistent pain within the organization. In this project, Dr. Benes serves as co-investigator and clinician. For the past 15 years, Dr. Benes’ clinical work has surrounded the biopsychosocial management of individuals with a diverse array of pain syndromes. Individuals with persistent pain are often stigmatized since the nervous system abnormalities underlying the painful condition are rarely visible externally. In her efforts to better serve these patients, Dr. Benes has focused on research that works to better understand the internal processes driving the pain, factors that perpetuate the cycle, treatment modalities that address the complex interplay of physiologic, cognitive, and behavioral mechanisms, and health system changes to better meet the needs of these individuals.


  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, Oregon Health & Science University, School of Nursing
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Florida, Comprehensive Center for Pain Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Nursing, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Master of Science, Nursing, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Bachelor of Science, Nursing, University of Portland


  • Collaborative care for chronic pain in primary care. NIH health care systems research collaboratory; Pragmatic clinical trials demonstration projects (UH2/UH3). Role: Co-investigator
  • Validation of bag valve mask rate and volume. Butine award. Role: Principal investigator

Curriculum Vitae