Thomas Giumenta CSC

Shepard Academic Resource Center, Learning Assistance Counselor

Holy Cross

Pastoral Resident, Shipstad Hall

Thomas Giumenta CSC



Buckley Center 101, Buckley Center 163

Title IX Confidential Resource

Title IX Confidential Resources will not disclose confidentially-shared Title IX information to the Title IX Office or anyone else, subject to a few exceptions. See FAQs for more information.

Br. Tom is known far and wide as the first stop for help with academics. In addition to occasionally teaching Spanish and mentoring any student who needs his expertise in learning, Br. Tom takes excellent care of students in Shipstad Hall.

Br. Tom Giumenta, CSC came to the University of Portland in 2010.  He was born and raised in New York.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with majors in Theology and Spanish from the University of Notre Dame, a Master of Science degree in Education from Hofstra University, and a Master of Arts degree in Theology from Xavier University.  Prior to coming to the University, he spent sixteen years in the Holy Cross missions in Latin America.  He has worked as a school administrator, counselor, and formator of young religious.