Meet the Staff

Clay Hartmann, PhD

Hi, my name is Dr. Clay Hartmann and I am a licensed psychologist in the State of Oregon. I completed my PhD at the New School in New York City, where my research focus was on substance use, mourning, and the gendered experience of health. My clinical training experiences included a wide range of hospital rotations and university clinical placements, though I feel most at home in a college counseling center.  

I tend to work from a psychodynamic framework, which attempts to help people unpack the patterns of thinking, feeling, and relating that leave them feeling stuck and on repeat. I try to help students identify those patterns, understand how they were formed, and help them to create new ways of connecting to themselves and to others. I also utilize skills focused therapies such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention for students looking to make structured changes in their day to day behaviors. Lastly, I also tend to integrate in feminist and cultural theory into my work, in order to help students unpack how their struggles are socially and culturally located.  

I’m ready to help students with anything from relationship and family issues, to working through past traumas, and/or simply adjusting to the hectic life of being a Pilot. Outside of therapy I enjoy extended backpacking trips, local bands, and gardening. If you see me skating around campus feel free to say hi.  


Siri Smithback, LPC

I am extremely grateful to be part of the clinical team at the HCC, supporting UP students and their emotional wellbeing and growth. I have a Master's Degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling. My past experience includes interning at the National University of Natural Medicine Counseling Services in Portland, Oregon, performing risk assessment and crisis response as a telephonic crisis clinician at Protocall Services, Inc., and engaging in long-term counseling with individuals with severe psychiatric disorders at Windhorse Integrative Mental Health in Portland, Oregon.  

As a Licensed Professional Counselor registered in the state of Oregon, I hold a person-centered stance, while contemplative and somatic psychotherapy inform my approach. It is my intention to empower students, supporting growth of self-acceptance, a stronger sense of identity and building trust in one’s own decisions. In sessions I draw on basic mindfulness and awareness, in addition to working within the present experience that Contemplative Psychotherapy is based on. Additionally, I open up traditional talk therapy to a more holistic approach, incorporating body and mind integration in conversation or through experiential exercises with clients. This somatic lens allows students to explore their feelings or sensations in the body and gain insight from their physiological experience. My areas of interest include adjustment concerns, anxiety, eating and body image issues and depression.   

When I am not on the Bluff, I am teaching and practicing yoga and recreating outdoors. Any adventure including hiking, backpacking, trail running, mountain biking, backcountry skiing, or Nordic skiing brings me such happiness and a welcomed challenge. 


Calle Pierson, PsyD 
Psychologist Resident 

I believe that, to live a fulfilling and happy life, we must acknowledge our own personal values and discover meaning in our lives. I am dedicated to helping students identify their values and live a meaningful, value-centered life. My therapeutic style is gently direct and compassionate and focused on helping students explore their own experiences in order to identify values and discover meaning. I use techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and self-compassion to support, teach, and assist clients in achieving their goals and to decrease feelings of anxiety, stress, and sadness. 

I graduated from Pacific University with a Psychology Doctorate (PsyD) in Clinical Psychology in 2019. Prior to graduation, I completed an APA-accredited, pre-doctoral internship at University of Idaho and provided mental health services in college and community settings in the Portland area. When not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, dogs, and 90-gallon aquarium.