Testing Services

The Health & Counseling Center offers affordable cognitive testing, assessment, and diagnostic services for learning disorders including reading (dyslexia), writing (dysgraphia), and math (dyscalculia) disorders. Having an accurate diagnosis of these conditions will support applications for academic accommodations from Accessible Education Services (AES). Students are also welcome to pursue testing with an off-campus provider if that is preferred.

Cost, Eligibility & Timing
Our center offers a full battery of testing for $100. Students that are currently enrolled at the University of Portland are eligible.

Due to the amount of time necessary to complete these assessments, we offer testing services during specific times during the year. They are available from the Monday after graduation in May through August 1st. We also offer them during fall break, the week after finals in the fall through the first day of classes in the Spring, and then again during spring break.

Scheduling & Our Process

1. The first step to be assessed is to contact us at 503.943.7134 and let the scheduler know you are interested in testing for a learning concern. The receptionist will schedule you for a 20 minute appointment with a counseling staff member who will work with you to determine what your testing needs are. During the first visit we will also refer you to Accessible Education Services if you are interested.

2. After the initial meeting, you will be scheduled for a one-hour diagnostic interview with a counseling staff member that will focus on your current symptoms and personal history. Before this meeting you should collect any previous medical, educational, or testing records that are related to the purpose of your assessment, if they are not yet on file with the Health & Counseling Center. These can include previous testing reports, records of prior diagnoses or treatment, IEPs, report cards, or other relevant information.

3. If your counselor determines that the Center can do the testing you need, you will be scheduled for testing appointment at the Health Center, which can last from 2-3 hours. The tests focus on various cognitive abilities and learning processes, and include paper-and-pencil exercises, puzzles, and other types of questions. Please bring payment for testing to this appointment, with a $100 check made out to the University of Portland. Testing can also be billed to your student account.

4. After the tests are complete, they will be scored, and a report will be generated. When this process is complete, you will be invited back for a debriefing session and will be given a copy of the report. The entire process may take several weeks.

What to Expect on Test Day
On test day you should make sure you are well rested and have eaten breakfast. It is recommended that you plan to arrive a few minutes early. Check in at the front desk and provide your payment to the receptionist. The person doing the testing will greet you, and will work with you one-on-one for most of the day, although there will be some tests that you will complete on your own. If you wear glasses, be sure to bring them, and take all medications as usual on test day.

If you have any questions, please contact Will Meek, Assistant Director of Counseling & Training.


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