Frequently Asked Questions by Parents in the Pilot Family

Can I schedule an appointment for my student at the HCC?

The staff at the Health and Counseling Center deeply appreciate parents who want to advocate for their students. However, patients must schedule their own appointments at the HCC. If your student is unsure of how to schedule a medical or counseling appointment with us, please provide them our website for more information, or simply direct them to call us at 503.943.7134 to set up an appointment.

My student is covered by my family's private insurance. Can they receive services at the HCC?

Definitely! All visits to the HCC (both medical and counseling) are free of charge to all active students regardless of insurance status. We charge nominal fees for some medications, lab work, and supplies.

Services that need to be referred out of the HCC, like lab work and imaging, would be charged to the student's private insurance. If you are wondering about the out-of-pocket cost of a specific service in the Portland area, please contact your insurance provider directly.

If you have questions about a bill you received from the University, please reach out to Student Accounts: 503.943.7347,

Who can I contact if I am concerned about my student?

When parents, faculty, or staff members are concerned about the physical, emotional, academic or personal health of a student, the University Care Team Program can assess the situation, offer support, and provide referrals to the breadth of resources on-campus. To submit a Care Team Referral for a student, fill out this online form. 

If you have questions, need additional information, or wish to get guidance regarding the student of concern, please reach out to the Associate Director for Student Care, Ali Dunham, at 503.943.7709 or

If you have been made aware of an emergency situation on campus, please contact Campus Safety at 503.943.4444.

Can I access my student's medical or counseling records (including appointment history)?

The Health and Counseling Center values our ability to provide students with a safe and confidential place to seek help. Therefore, we will not disclose student information to parents, friends, coaching staff, or faculty unless we have signed release from the student. If a student is in imminent danger, emergency contacts will be notified.

Please be aware that clinicians and administrative staff at the HCC are bound by Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) law which prohibits us from disclosing information about a student without their knowledge and written consent. While we are happy to answer your general questions regarding our policies and procedures at the HCC, we cannot speak specifically about your student.

Will the University notify me if my student has a medical or mental health emergency and is transported to the hospital/ ER?

This depends. If a student has a medical or mental health emergency and is transported to a local hospital, the HCC may not be aware of the situation. If a student is transported from the HCC, their emergency contacts would be notified by campus administration. If the student is transported to the hospital from anywhere else on or off-campus, and the HCC was not informed, our office would not be able to notify you of a situation that we are not aware of.

The HCC recommends that parents have an alternate contact to reach their student in the event that campus administration is not notified of an emergency situation. This can be in the form of exchanging phone numbers with their roommate(s), saving the phone number for their on-campus Hall Director staff, or discussing an emergency action plan with your student.

My student is needing to go on leave or withdraw from the University for medical or mental health reasons. Who should I contact?

The Office of the Associate Provost, Dr. Elise Moentmann, is the first point of contact for questions regarding medical leaves of absence or withdrawals from the University. To schedule a time to discuss your student's options for leave, please call the Associate Provost's office at 503.943.7848.