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Welcome to the University of Portland! The Health and Counseling Center (HCC) staff looks forward to working with you to assist you in meeting your physical, mental, and academic health needs. The HCC offers primary medical care, mental health counseling, and health promotion and education services. In the section below, you will find out what information is required for all incoming students.

Required Vaccines

Oregon State law requires all international and domestic students to show proof of a measles (rubeola) vaccination prior to the first day of classWhat you need to know about Oregon college and university immunization laws.

  • If you were born on or after January 1, 1957 you must have two doses of measles vaccine or the combined measles/mumps/rubella (MMR) vaccine. In order to be considered effective, this vaccine should have been administered to you on or after your first birthday, with the second dose at least 30 days after that.
  • If you do not have a record of measles vaccination, you can get an MMR titer that shows proof of immunity to measles/mumps,rubella (MMR). MMR Titers can be drawn at most labs and Physicians clinics. Contact your insurance company to find in-network clinics near you.

**Please visit your Secure Patient Portal to enter your MMR dates directly into your electronic Health Record**

If you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to call the Health and Counseling Center or contact the Centers for Disease Control.

Non-required Vaccines: The American College Health Association recommends that all students consider getting the following vaccinations: meningococcal meningitis vaccine and varicella vaccine.

When you visit the HCC it is always a good practice to bring a list of all prescription and non-prescription medications to your visit. You should also have your health insurance card in case a copy is needed for laboratory testing.

We do not charge for our services to see a provider. We do have some supplies, testing materials, lab tests and medications for which there is a charge. We accept cash or check payments so please come prepared. We encourage you to come and see us. This is a safe place for you to ask questions. Information you give us is confidential.

Once again, we are so happy that you will be here at University of Portland, and we look forward to meeting with you.


University of Portland Health and Counseling Center Staff