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Sexual Health

According to the American College Health Association survey, 42 percent of UP undergraduate students have not participated in sexual activities in the past year and 36 percent report they have had only one partner. Whether you are having sex or not, we are your sexual health experts on campus! Feel free to come in for a confidential conversation. 

Sexually Transmitted Infection Testing 

STI testing visits are encouraged for all students wishing to initiate sexual activity. Students under the age of 24 are eligible for free gonorrhea and chlamydia testing through a state grant. HIV, syphilis, and herpes testing is also available and can be billed to your medical insurance. 


The University of Portland honors the moral teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore, the Health and Counseling Center does not prescribe contraceptives. We may prescribe hormonal medications to treat medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome, but they are not prescribed to prevent pregnancy.


If you think you may be pregnant, first, know that you are not alone. The University of Portland is a supportive community with a variety of resources.

The Health and Counseling Center offers free pregnancy tests and all services are confidential. Susan Chisum is the Health and Counseling Center's pregnancy support advocate and can help offer referrals to resources outside of campus.

As a Catholic university, UP is committed providing resources that support students with many varying needs, including pregnancy. The University will do all it can to accommodate your needs and concerns regarding coursework and housing.