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Child Care Services

Child care is available to faculty and staff through Vermont Hills Family Life Center (“Vermont Hills”) located at 5610 N Willamette Blvd Portland, OR 97203. Vermont Hills administers child care services for infants through pre-k.  For more information about Vermont Hills please visit  

Vermont Hills has a lease agreement to use a University of Portland building, but Vermont Hills is not a University operated or owned daycare/preschool. Please note that as part of Vermont Hill’s lease agreement, the University has requested that University faculty, staff, and alumni be provided priority enrollment. If additional spaces are available, children are selected from a community waitlist.   

Vermont Hills recruits and hires their own employees and completes their own background checks. The University does not have any involvement or oversight over Vermont Hills’ employment and background check related policies and processes.  If you have any questions about Vermont Hills’ employment and/or background check related policies and processes, please contact Vermont Hills.

For more information on waitlist and enrollment, please visit or call 503-283-9688.

Please note that the information noted here may not be applicable to all employees of the University. For example, faculty should review the information and policies in the Faculty Handbook and employment-related letters and agreements, as information in such sources would supersede the information here. As well, for certain staff, information and policies in their employment-related letters and departmental policies and directions may supersede the information here.