Frequently Asked Questions:

What is UP BRIDGE?

UP BRIDGE is a program that kicks off with Pre-Orientation activities on August 24th and 25th. It is designed to support Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), first-generation, mixed-raced, LGBTQ2SIA+, and all historically underrepresented students in transitioning to UP. All are welcome to participate in the UP BRIDGE pre-orientation activities. Throughout the year, UP BRIDGE will partner with FGEN, International Student Services, Study Abroad and other offices on campus to provide connections, resources, and tools for incoming first year students. The program will offer a "bridge" from high school to university life for students to engage with the University and make the most out of their first year on The Bluff.

What does BRIDGE stand for?

  • B is for Belonging. Belonging to a community is important, but not always easy. This program will help you find you place on campus.
  • R is for Respect. As a campus community that believes in the dignity of all people, respect is paramount to our everyday interactions.
  • I is for Inclusion. Being an inclusive community requires intentional efforts by everyone to meet people where they are. We encourage you to bring your full self to campus to respect others and be respected.
  • D is for Diversity. The wide array of students, staff, and faculty are what make UP a special place. UP BRIDGE celebrates diversity and the rich gifts each of you bring to The Bluff.
  • G is for Greater understanding. Whether it be a greater understanding of ourselves, of our peers, or of the world, the UP BRIDGE program will help you develop greater understanding.
  • E is for Engagement. We are eager to support your engagement in the myriad of opportunities available to you at the University of Portland.

Who should attend UP BRIDGE?

UP BRIDGE is especially aimed to provide support to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), first-generation, mixed-raced, LGBTQ2SIA+, and all historically underrepresented students, yet all students are welcome to apply.

I am a transfer student, can I still join?

Yes! We welcome all transfer students, and thie program is specifically designed to support transfer students from the groups mentioned above. 

I am an international student, can I still join?

Yes! We welcome all international students; however specific approval is required from the Office of International Student Services. Please contact us right away if you are an international student.

Can I participate in other pre-orientation programs such as Plunge Into Your Neighborhood in addition to UP BRIDGE?

There are scheduling conflicts with the programs below. You will not be able to participate in both. 

  • Plunge Into Your Neighborhood
  • HON 101 
  • AROTC 

Feel free to reach out to the various programs to ask questions and help determine what will work best for you and your needs. 

How is UP BRIDGE different from the New Student Orientation?

All incoming students are required to attend New Student Orientation, whereas UP BRIDGE is limited to a smaller group. This program offers a unique experience in that it provides opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds to begin forming relationships with one another, with staff members, and with other students. This will help students get exposure to resources on campus, and build support prior to orientation weekend. Students will be able to participate in ice breakers, games, reflective small group activities, and discussions – all the while getting to experience the beautiful Portland weather (this time of year anyway).

Will I participate in the on-campus New Student Orientation program if I attend UP BRIDGE?

Yes, this program will leave time for you to attend New Student Orientation.

What is the cost of attendance? 

The program is free, but space is limited, so apply as soon as possible.

My parents will accompany me to UP. Are there any events for parents?

This program is designed to introduce to students to the campus and to one another; therefore, the program will focus solely on students. New Student Orientation does include opportunities for parents to get involved. 

When can I move into my dorm room? Where do I get my room key?

UP BRIDGE participants can move in on campus early and obtain their ID cards and room keys. Your move in date and time will be communicated to you. You will have an established slot to move in, and your move in time will be communicated to you.  Please contact us at oiedi@up.edu if you have further questions or require special accommodations. 

I have family/friends who have participated in the Ohana or the UP Connections programs in previous years, what happened to those programs?

Ohana was the longest standing pre-orientation program in this tradition. Beginning in the 2017-2018 academic year, Diversity and Inclusion Programs evaluated the Ohana program. This evaluation utilized data collection, focus groups, and feedback from alumni and current participants called for creating to create more inclusive program to support a wider range of students. 

From 2019 to 2021 UP Connections was a thriving yearlong mentorship program that kicked off with an overnight retreat during pre-orientation. It was designed to support Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPOC), first generation, mixed raced, undocumented, and historically minoritized first year students with their transitions to college. The program provided connections, resources, and tools for incoming first year students. Students were paired with mentors, attended a three-day, two night retreat prior to the orientation, and joined a year long mentorship cohort group. These groups met for social and academic events throughout the whole school year.

UP Connections is under evaluation in 2022-23 so that it can best meet the needs of our students, hence the need for a bridge to the future! We are grateful for the extraordinary work tht went into both programs, and we aim to uphold their legacy.

What is the schedule for UP BRIDGE Pre-orientation?

Wednesday, Aug 24 Thursday, Aug 25
Home base: BC 112 Home base: BC 112
8:30:00 AM Move-in (including breakfast)
9:00:00 AM " Breakfast
9:30:00 AM " Meeting UP People
10:00:00 AM Introductions "
10:30:00 AM " Break
11:00:00 AM " Sharing Our Stories
11:30:00 AM Lunch and Mini Portland Tour "
12:00:00 PM " Closing
12:30:00 PM "
1:00:00 PM "
1:30:00 PM "
2:00:00 PM Campus Tour
2:30:00 PM "
3:00:00 PM "
3:30:00 PM "
4:00:00 PM "
4:30:00 PM Break
5:00:00 PM "
5:30:00 PM Dinner
6:00:00 PM "
6:30:00 PM "
7:00:00 PM Post-Dinner Reflection