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Core Theme Assessment

At the university level, there is ongoing, systematic collection and analysis of meaningful, assessable, and verifiable data from indicators linked to the Core Theme objectives and outcomes. These objectives are specifically aligned with the mission and strategic plan of the university and the outcomes have been developed in such a way that their measurement provides a broad overview of the extent to which the university is fulfilling its mission.

Core Themes

Core Theme Objectives

Core Theme Outcomes

Teaching and Learning

Become a university with premier academic programs

1.1) Academic program quality is validated externally

1.2) Students progress through and complete degree programs

1.3) Students demonstrate a depth of knowledge within their chosen discipline

1.4) Faculty demonstrate an ongoing habit of scholarship and effective teaching

Faith and Formation

Foster a campus-wide culture promoting human formation and integrating reason, faith, and ethical values

2.1) Students demonstrate formation through an understanding of reason, faith, and ethical values

2.2) Faculty and staff grow in their own personal formation or understanding of the integration of reason, faith, and ethical values as a result of working at UP

Service and Leadership

Promote a campus community committed to service and leadership for the common good

3.1) A majority of students perform service at a local, regional, or global level

3.2) Students consistently display and integrate leader character habits in relevant UP positions