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Student Affairs Assessment

Within the division of Student Affairs, student achievement is assessed as the program and activity level in alignment with overall university-wide outcomes. These overarching outcomes used by Student Affairs are rooted in the mission and mapped onto specific programs that use a common rubric to measure student achievement.

Student Affairs Goals and Outcomes


Learning Outcomes

Honor faith and reason

Exercise sound reasoning and decision making, informed by faith and a personal values system

Develop an awareness, rooted in our Catholic vision, that every individual is a beloved child of God

Develop a capacity to enter into dialogue for purposes of exploration and insight with the courage to speak truth as one understands it and allow others to do the same

Promote ethical reflection

Enter into a process of discovery of intrinsic value and dignity for self and others

Articulate their values systems and personal ethics

Demonstrate a habit of reflection that increases capacity to learn

Prepare people who respond to the needs of the world and its human family

Build and maintain positive collaborative relationships through developing respect and responsibility for all, especially those most in need

Develop a responsibility for and commitment to the common good that respects the diversity of the human family through an understanding of power, privilege, and inequity

Develop and articulate an understanding of how to contribute their talents and gifts to address the needs of their community