Data Retreats

Data retreats provide UP employees an uninterrupted time and supportive space to tackle their data operations work.


  • Build efficient data tools that will directly assist your office's operations

  • Connect and brainstorm with other offices to improve data-related operations

Testimonials from Previous Attendees

"These are terrific opportunities to focus on specific projects and I am grateful for having all this expertise in the same place to answer questions that arise."

"It was so nice having a time to go through this without feeling the burden of phone calls/emails etc. I would love to do these more regularly."

"I never, ever get off email to focus on projects.  I plan to integrate this into my weekly schedule on a regular basis."

"It was awesome! Two huge projects and critical information exchange. Definitely should be done again!!!"

"One thing I am grateful for: finally finishing a task that requires 1-2 hours uninterrupted time."

What Can I Work on at a Data Retreat?

  • Document business processes
  • Generate data definitions
  • Organize data collection files
  • Create tutorials for end users
  • Clean messy data in OpenRefine
  • Revamp coding structures
  • Organize Argos reports
  • Create prototype Tableau dashboards

Selected Accomplishments of Previous Attendees

  • Critical, time-sensitive reports built with a manual cleaning process were built in a Tableau dashboard prototype to expedite report availability to data consumers

  • An office created a calendar of reporting deadlines and data sources to keep annual tasks organized

  • A draft of a new policy needed for accreditation was created with needed input of other relevant attendees

  • A departing employee created business process and data analysis documentation to leave for the next employee

  • IS generated informative "last used date" reports to help attendees clean out unused Argos reports

  • Operational surveys were cleaned and prepped for storage and dissemination

Schedule of Data Retreats
Date Attendees
July 11, 2019 13 attended
August 8, 2019 13 attended
October 17, 2019 18 attended
November 7, 2019 16 attended
December 17, 2019 10 attended

How do I sign up? 

Space is limited!  To request a seat at a scheduled retreat or to be informed of future retreats, email the director of institutional research, Elizabeth Lee, with a general idea of what priority/task/project you intend to work on at the retreat.