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Data Governance

Data are one of the University’s most important assets. Ensuring a solid data foundation obliges the collaborative work of leaders and experts across campus attending to what falls under the data governance umbrella: data definitions, process ownership and authority, accountability, security and privacy, data access, reporting needs and requirements, and research priorities. A continuous investment of collective time and resources is necessary to meet today’s extensive demand for informed and nimble decision-making across the University.

Committee Structure

There are two interdependent levels of authority: Policy Authority and Operational Authority.  Both authorities comprise a collaborative, cross-functional team of leaders and experts who engage with institutional data at some point in its life cycle from its creation to its consumption. The Policy Authority serves as a recommendation body to the university administration on data-related issues and priorities.  The Operational Authority serves as a solutions-focused body applying expertise toward improving data processes and infrastructure.

Please send questions and feedback to Elizabeth Lee, Director of Institutional Research, or feel free to submit anonymous feedback via the IR Feedback Form.