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Academic Technology Services

Academic Technology Services & Innovation was created in 2010 and supports the use of technology in hybrid, online, and technology-assisted courses. We collaborate with a variety of stakeholders at UP to provide valuable services and technologies to support the integration of technology in teaching and learning.  

Marketing Photo of Sam Williams

Samuel Williams Director Of Academic Technology Services and Innovation, MSEd

"As the Director of Academic Technology Service and Innovation I believe those within Academic/Instructional Technology should "explore the wise integration of technology in education". "

Professional Site

ATSI supports a variety of Academic Applications.  These include:

  • Moodle – LMS or Learning Management System
  • Mahara – EPortfolio System
  • WordPress – Academic Blogging or event sites.
  • MediaSpace – Video Hosting Services (like YouTube)
  • WebWork - Online assignments for math and science. 
  • – Hosted solution for technology tutorials.
  • Office 365 in the Classroom
  • - Plagiarism Plugin for Moodle
  • Techsmith Camtasia/Snagit - Screencast (Video) and Screen capture (Image).
  • Techsmith Relay
  • - Feedback on assignments.

Projects and Professional Services

Academic Technology Consultation

One of our core services is academic technology consultation.  Faculty can meet with an Academic Technology expert and create strategies to leverage technology in their course or classroom. 

Academic Technology Professional Development

ATS provides one-on-one and small group professional development opportunities on academic technologies.  With many learners at different places with technology the one-on-one training tend to be the most popular.  This year we will be expanding our offerings with focused group sessions hosted in the library digital lab. 

Academic Technology Roundtable (ATR)

The Academic Technology Roundtable will collaboratively research emerging and existing technology tools and plan for the implementation of academic technology for the UP community.  Through the implementation of focused classroom technology projects, and the systematic analysis of student achievement, this group will investigate innovative teaching practice through the wise integration of technology.

Award(2) $3,500 opportunities.  The money can be used for hardware and software to enhance projects.  Dedicated support from the ATS team and regular meetings to further the goals of the project.  Instead of the monthly meeting we will be creating a new opportunity to have the interdisciplinary conversation called UP Crossroads.  All ATR Fellows will be required to participate in UP Crossroads.  Each participant will include blog posts to the TL Community Blog.      

Academic Technology Ambassadors (ATA)

This is a new initiative that aims to recruit up to 12 members from the academic community to serve as academic technology ambassadors from a diverse cross section of university schools, colleges, and departments. ATAs will serve an annual term from the beginning of fall semester to the end of spring semester.

The primary goal of the ATA program will be to meet the Digital Futures directive – to ask our ambassadors to "spread the word" about and encourage constructive conversations around academic technologies and professional development. ATS also foresees many other potential positive outcomes from the formation of the ATAP program, including the following:

  • Fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration towards the wise and effective integration of technology in teaching and learning;
  • Cultivating an ongoing, open, and constructive dialogue between ATS and the academic community;
  • Promoting a faculty culture that values digital citizenship, with a concentration in the practice of Universal Design for Learning to create accessible learning materials, cyber security, and in the ethical use of copyrighted material; and
  • Giving faculty representatives a voice to offer feedback and direction on format, topics, and timelines of professional development offerings that are desired by the academic community. 

Accessible Online Content – Universal Design for Learning

ATS will continue to support and enhance our captioning of online video services.  We will expand on this by offering online professional development on accessibility in teaching and learning.  We will expand our services to include accessible documents and accessible scanned documents.  These all provide documents that embrace Universal Design for Learning and provides content accessible to all learners.  

Instructional Design Services

Meet with an instructional design expert to find ways you can bring your course online.  Develop strategies for engagement, assessment and collaboration. 

Instructional Media Design Services

Work with On The Bluff Studios to build engaging multimedia assets to include in your hybrid, online or technology assisted courses. 

Online Professional Development

Continue our efforts to build online professional development.  Working with partners at UP to launch online PD to better leverage resources. 

Online Teacher Readiness

The initial curriculum will provide foundational knowledge for teaching online and act as a building block for additional professional development opportunities.  In 2016 ATS will begin work on new courses that will focus on accessibility, engagement, feedback, and multimedia development.

On The Bluff Studios -

Starting in the Fall of 2016 we will be advertising “On The Bluff Studios” to the campus.  On The Bluff Studios is a project of Academic Technology Services, a Division of Information Services, and supported by the Office of the Provost and the Vice President of Operations.  OTBS is a student run multimedia design studio that has a focus on academic content.  The projects can range from supporting instructional media to small marketing initiatives.

Academic departments will be able to work with On The Bluff Studios to build promotional and informative videos for marketing and website purposes.  

Scantron Support

ATS will provide the equipment, toner and support for the scantron machine in Franz Hall.  We also provide support for the previous scantron machine, which is now only used for raw scoring.  That is located in CAS. 

Technology in Teaching Workshops

The technology in teaching workshops will be focused workshops on Moodle and other academic technologies.  The Library will be hosting our workshops as part of our continued collaboration.  Some special topics this year include: 

  • New Technologies for feedback - Pat Thompson and Susan Stillwell
  • Using Media In Assignments - José Velazco and Maria Erb
  • Media Creation in Teaching – On the Bluff Studios
  • Instructional Media and the Instructional Design Process - Ben Kahn and Maria Erb

Tech Talk Podcast -

The continuation of the TechTalk Podcast.  We will launch the new season featuring your hosts Maria Erb and Ben Kahn.  These podcasts are interviews with UP faculty on how they use technology in their teaching and learning.  This will include a special series called “The Future of Education” to also be launched this Fall.     

TL Website and the TL Community Blog

Work with Academic Partners to enhance the TL website.  Work to promote the TL Community Blog on campus.  Provide professional development opportunities on how to blog. 

UPCrossroads – Conversations at the intersection of teaching and technology. 

Collaboration with the Library Digital Lab.  Conversations in the Parberry Room will include:

  • The Future of Learning - Eric Anctil - Early Sept  - Sept 15, 3-4 pm
  • Bringing Diverse Voices into the Classroom - David Turnbloom - Early January
  • Accessibility and Teaching Frameworks for inclusion - Melanie Gangle - Early October
  • Faculty Blogging - Stories from the Classroom - Lars Larson - Mid February