IS Update Fall 2017

“As we start a new academic year, Information Services is proud to provide this update regarding technology services on campus. We have continually worked to modernize our technology infrastructure and application layers to support growing campus needs. When you look at our expanded networks, new web site, innovative technology in the classroom, On The Bluff Studios, Banner upgrades, and Office 365 cloud services you get a sense of what we have been doing. Our goal is to make your working life easier in the classroom, in the office, and on the move. We are excited to have the support we need from campus to maintain existing services and improve upon those we have put in place.”

Curt Pederson, CIO

Windows 10 in the Classroom

As of this fall, all classroom computers will run Windows 10. This move brings our classroom computers up-to-date with a modern operating system and new features. The new classroom build also addresses one the major concerns, start-up time. This new build will start up much more quickly than in the past, letting you get to the business of teaching faster.

Tech Tip: To log in to a Windows 10 classroom PC, press CTRL-ALT-DEL on the keyboard to bring up the sign-in option.

Office 365

Our entire campus community is now in Office 365. The sharing of files, calendars and data is much easier. The Office 365 suite also continues to expand its portfolio of digital collaboration apps and services, allowing us to integrate new tools as they become available.

  • Groups: Share access to email, files, and a calendar with others easily.
  • Planner: Manage projects and tasks for your department, group or project team.
  • Forms: Create ad hoc surveys and online forms

PLEASE NOTE: The Sign on process for Office 365 has changed.

Phones in the Classroom

Every classroom will have a phone starting this Fall. Several entities at UP have requested in-classroom phones. Installation is scheduled for completion by December 1.

  • Campus Safety messages can be broadcast to individual rooms.
  • It’s an easy way for faculty to contact Media Services, the Help Desk or Campus Safety.

Tech Tip: Media Services will be your first point of contact for problems with classroom technology. Contact Media Services at extension 7774. 

New Classroom Technology

This September IS will be installing new podiums, projectors, and screens in 20 classrooms as a part of the 3-year plan to upgrade and improve all classrooms at UP. The enhancements to the classroom bring:

  • New Projection Screens in 20 classrooms
  • All new Sony laser projectors. With 5000 lumens bringing improved brightness, image and color quality.
  • Intuitive modernized A/V controls
  • Updated PCs with improved performance

Moodle Upgrade

Every August Academic Technology Services & Innovation performs an upgrade to Moodle. If you are not familiar with Moodle, this is the campus Learning Management System. To access Moodle visit Some features to note in this upgrade are:

  • Improved online discussion Forum activities
  • Improved workflow for grading Assignment activities submitted online
  • New, interactive data visualizations in Reports
  • Improved security

WebEx Replacement: Skype for Business

WebEx is being retired and replaced with Skype for Business. Any campus user can download the free Skype for Business app for Windows PC (included in Office 2016), or on Mac, or iOS or Android mobile devices. The free app includes the ability to make audio and video calls, instant message, screen share, and to create meetings and invite UP and non-UP individuals to online meetings. If you would like the ability to have dial-in service (joining meeting audio via traditional telephone), please request this additional service with the Help Desk.

Streaming Services

Starting this Fall, IS will be testing out a new streaming service as part of our Microsoft 365 environment. We now have Skype for Business Broadcast as a tool for streaming events, classes, and meetings. If you want to explore ways to stream your contact contact Academic Technology Services & Innovation at:

Off-Campus and Research Data Storage

Dropbox Enterprise edition is now available at the University of Portland. This is a complement to our Office 365 cloud storage services and allows for unlimited storage. Additionally, Dropbox data can be securely shared outside of the UP community to individuals at other institutions or community partners. If you have UP data on a personal Dropbox account, we would like to move you to a UP account. Work through the help desk to transition your account or request this service. PLEASE NOTE: If you elect this service there is an annual charge to your department. Business justification along with approval from your budget owner is required.

Technology Purchasing

As a reminder, all technology purchases must be routed through the Help Desk and Information Services purchasing workflow.

Classroom Software

If you need specific software in your classroom or if your students can’t access required software, please contact the Help Desk.

Boost is our new Online Continuous Learning Platform. Boost will provide a platform for fully online self-paced courses for the UP campus. These courses range from the Online Faculty Orientation to skills courses provided by Information Services, Library and other partners. If you would like to develop a course to be hosted on Boost contact Academic Technology Services & Innovation at:

Visit: to learn more.

Note: We will be migrating content from the Virtual Learning Center ( to Boost this fall. 

Faronics Insight Classroom Computer Management

We are excited to provide new computer management software in all of our computer classrooms: BC 15, FH 107, FH 125, SH 206, SH 249. Specific details regarding training will be provided to professors who will be teaching in these spaces this fall.

Additional Software

  • Camtasia – UP has a site license for TechSmith This is a screencasting software for the creation of just in time video resources for hybrid or flipped classrooms.
  • Snagit – UP has a site license for TechSmith This is a tool for the creation and annotation of graphics to be used with presentations, tutorials, instructional materials, or other documents. 
  • – UP has a site license for, offering thousands of video courses in software, creative, and business skills from industry experts. All staff, faculty, and students have access through
  • - UP has a site license for Voicethread. This is a great tool for creating multimedia, asynchronous online assignments, discussions, or feedback.
  • Adobe Software – UP has a site license that allows the Adobe software to be installed on UP owned computers. If you need this software as part of your course please contact the Help Desk. 

Contacting IS

For immediate assistance in a classroom, please call Media Services, 50.943.7774

For office technology support and technology purchasing, please contact the Help Desk: 503.943.7000,,

For urgent after-hours support, contact Campus Safety at 503.943.7161.