Group Work Assistance Goals

Group projects are a central feature of many classes at the University of Portland and the Group Work Assistants (GWAs) are here to help guide your group to success.

Our goals are to help you:

  • Systematically think through the group’s social, task, and procedural needs
  • Negotiate group workloads and expectations as they align with the instructor’s desire
  • Mediate constructive conflict to aid in the strengthening of their project/paper

Student groups are highly encouraged to meet with a GWA before beginning their project in order to discuss grade expectations, ground rules, and strategies for equitably dividing tasks.

To schedule an appointment, determine a few days/times that your group is available to meet. Then have one group member email the GWA to request a consultation. Please allow about 30 minutes for your appointment and bring a copy of your syllabus and/or assignment instructions.

We look forward to working with you!

The Group Project Lab is a collaboration of the Department of Communication Studies and the Learning Commons. For more information, call the Learning Commons at 503.943.8002. To learn more about other opportunities to improve your public speaking, call the Communication Department at 503.943.7229.

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