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Need Help? Use the Hotline!

Language assistance is a great way to improve your second language skills and to increase your self confidence in your target language. Assistance is available by appointment only and usually takes place in the Learning Commons in Buckley Center 163.

Step 1: Make an appointment

Just click on your target language e-mail hotline to send a request for help to our language assistants. Please include days and times when you can meet.

Language Assistance Hotlines:

Language assistants will contact you within 24 hours to set an appointment and to provide you with a link to our online "conference goals form."

Step 2: Fill out a conference goals form

After you set up an appointment with a tutor, use that tutor's link to the conference goals formYou must fill out this form prior to meeting with your language assistant.

Types of Language Assistance:

Individual appointments: In your email to the language assistants, please include a few times when you will be available. Appointments last from 30 minutes to 60 minutes depending on your goals for the session.

Group appointments: If you have a group project or need a group session with an assistant, first identify a few times that work for the group to meet. Have one person from the group take on the responsibility of contacting the language assistants and getting back to the group with the appointment time. Group appointments often take an hour to complete. Each student in the group must fill out a conference goals form prior to meeting with the language assistant.

Conversation groups: Students wishing to participate in conversation groups can likewise contact the language assistants to find out when the next group meets. In your request, please let the language assistants know what language course(s) you are currently enrolled in and topics that you'd like to include in the conversation.

The Language Assistance Program exists to support your language learning. If you have any questions or suggestions about Language Assistance Program, please contact Jeffrey White at


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