What To Do Before Your Tutoring Session

Step 1: Fill out a conference goals form

After you set up an appointment with a tutor, use that tutor’s link to the conference goals form.You must fill out this form prior to meeting with your language assistant.

Step 2: Be ready to describe what you've been doing

Your language tutor will want to know what you've been doing in your class, how you've been approaching learning the language, and how much time you've been spending on language learning.

Step 3: Bring your questions to the tutoring sessions

Write down your questions about the language learning issues that you are dealing with.

Step 4: Bring any needed materials to your appointment and arrive on time

Now you are ready to meet with your tutor. Make sure to bring books, papers, and other resources to your meeting so that you can have a productive session. Arriving on time is a common courtesy and will ensure that you benefit from the full time of your appointment.

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