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Math Resource Center

The Math Resource Center (MRC) is a place where students and tutors work together to solve problems and develop deeper understanding. Our goal is to create a welcoming space where everyone can feel free to ask questions, explore ideas, and work together with other UP students.

Located in its own dedicated space within the Learning Commons in Buckley Center 163, the MRC is open  during the summer Mondays through Fridays. Currently, we offer only calculus-based tutoring.

Looking for a Math Tutor for summer session classes?

Calculus tutoring is available by appointment only. Please send a request with a few good days and times to meet to

Please note that the usual MRC space is being used by faculty during the Buckley Center renovations this summer. All math tutoring will take place in the open space or small fishbowl room in BC 163.

Improve Your Abilities with Math Learning Strategies

tutor at glass wall

Learn How to Learn Better

There are several ways to go about learning math and our profiled math learning strategies can help you to improve your learning (and your grade) while making math more enjoyable.

Learn about Strategies

Learn with our trained math tutors

Our tutors receive several hours of training and are either certified Level 1 tutors (College Reading and Learning Association ITTPC certification) or are working toward certification.

Connect. Learn. Succeed.