The Power of Peers to Learn Math

Do homework and learn with peers while you connect with our MRC tutors

We've changed up our walk-in tutoring to make evening homework time an opportunity for peer connection and high-impact learning. Here's our schedule:

MTH 112 Precalculus

Mon - Thurs 3:30 - 6:30pm

MTH 121 Business Calculus

Mon 4:00-6:30pm; Tues. 3:30-5pm; Wed. 3:30-6:00pm; Thurs. 4:00-6:30pm

MTH 141 Finite Math:

Mon 4-6:30pm; Tues. 5:00-6:30pm; Wed. 3:30-6:30pm; Thurs. 4:00-6:30pm

MTH 160 Quantitative Reasoning

Mon 4:30-6:30pm; Tues. 3:30-6:30pm; Wed. 3:30-5:00pm and 6-6:30pm; Thurs. 4:00-6:30pm

MTH 161 Statistics

Mon 4:30-6:30pm; Tues. 5:00-6:30pm; Wed. 3:30-6:30pm; Thurs. 4:30-6:30pm

MTH 201 Calculus I

Mon-Thurs 3:30-6:30pm

MTH 202 Calculus II

Mon-Thurs 3:30-6:30pm

MTH 301 Vector Calculus

Mon 3:30-4:00pm and 5:00-6:30pm; Tues. 3:30-5:00pm; Thurs. 3:30-6:30pm

MTH 311 Discrete Structures

Mon 4:00-6:30pm; Wed. 3:30-6:00pm; Thurs. 4:00-6:30pm

MTH 321 Differential Equations

Mon-Thurs 3:30-6:30pm

MTH 341 Linear Algebra:

Mon 4:00-6:30pm; Tues. 3:30-5:00pm; Wed. 3:30-6:00pm; Thurs. 5:00-6:30pm

MTH 361 Probability and Statistics:

Mon 4:30-6:30pm; Wed. 3:30-6:30pm; Thurs. 5:00-6:30pm