PAL Groups for MTH 141

Your MTH 141 (Finite Math) PAL Facilitators

Peer-assisted learning (PAL) facilitators offer voluntary PAL sessions that give students ample opportunities to practice the concepts and problem solving processes taught in MTH 141.

Our data shows that students who attend PAL sessions are more likely to receive A and B grades for the course compared to those who don't attend PAL sessions. 

These trained peer facilitators have taken MTH 141 and are trained in group facilitation, learning strategies, and collaborative learning techniques in online environments. 

For Dr. Craig Swinyard's in-person section (C)

  • Sami

For Sarah Sterner's section (A)

  • Caroline

For Rita Wanner Luetkenhaus' sections (B and D)

  • Annie and Keri

Please note: Your PAL session Zoom links will be posted in your course Moodle page and announced in class. PAL session schedules and office hours will be posted during the first or second week of the semester.

Looking for regular tutoring for MTH 141?

Your PAL facilitator holds an office hour once per week. During this time she can tutor you in MTH 141. 

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