Isn't it time you found a PAL?

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) provides support to traditionally difficult classes with high DFW rates (Ds, Fs, and withdrawals). This semester we are offering PAL facilitation to students in NRS 325/326, PHY 204/205, and MTH 141.

How do I join my section's PAL Group?

Your section's PAL facilitator is sending emails to you every week about the next PAL session. Also, your faculty member may have posted information about your PAL sessions and your facilitator on the course Moodle page.

PAL Groups are open to all

All students in NRS 325/326, PHY 204/205, and MTH 141 can participate in PAL sessions. If you can't meet when your PAL facilitator has scheduled sessions, contact us at about attending another section's PAL sessions.

PAL facilitators sit in on 1-2 classes per week. They will organize and hold weekly hour-long PAL sessions for any and all students. During these session, students work collaboratively on selected problems and material in order to deepen their understanding, consolidate knowledge, and support recall, application, and analysis. PAL sessions focus on what to learn and how to learn it.

If you are taking NRS 325, PHY 204, or MTH 141, your PAL facilitator will send emails and calendar invites to you to participate in voluntary PAL sessions.

The proof is in the data and feedback

Participating in PAL sessions might by your best learning strategy. Our data reveals that students who participate in PAL sessions are more likely to receive an A or B in their course than those who do not attend. 

Eighty-six percent of recent survey respondents believed that participating in PAL sessions resulted in a higher course grade.

Research consistently shows that this form of supplemental instruction helps to reduce DFW rates (aka increase grades). It is considered to be a high-impact form of peer educator support.

Connect. Learn. Succeed.