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Shiley Sophomore Fellows

Engineering and Computer Science Tutoring Program is now in BC 163.

As SSOE sophomores, you are stepping up your game to take on the challenges of your junior and senior years in your engineering discipline. The Shiley Sophomore Fellows are junior and senior engineering majors who facilitate your active learning and support your motivation to stretch yourself in your field. They’ve been in your shoes and know what it takes to enter the last two years of study here at the Shiley School of Engineering.

What we offer you

Our Fellows are trained peer tutors who support sophomore engineering majors in the following courses:

  • EE 261/EE 271, EE 332, EE 373, and EE 262
  • EGR 211, EGR 212/214, EGR 270/070, EGR 221, EGR 361, and EGR 322
  • CS 203/273, CS 301/371, CS 305, and CS 376
  • CE 367/376 and CE 223/224

Take your first step today

Request an appointment with a Shiley Sophomore Fellow today to advance your learning in your courses to new heights at:

Please include two or three good days and times to meet. One of our Fellows will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

All Shiley Sophomore Fellows peer tutoring is for sophomores only and takes place in the Learning Commons in Buckley Center 163.

For more information about the Shiley Sophomore Fellows or to become one of our peer tutors, contact Dr. Mark Kennedy at

The Shiley Sophomore Fellows is a collaboration between the Shiley School of Engineering and the Learning Commons.

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