Make an Appointment

Our peer educators work with you in the Speech and Presentation Lab by appointment only. In three easy steps, you can make an appointment to improve your next speech or presentation:

  1. Determine two or three good times to meet with a speech and presentation assistant.
  2. Email your request to the Speech and Presentation Lab at Include the times that work for you.
  3. Via email, you and your speech and presentation assistant will agree on a time.

Appointments normally take place in the Learning Commons in Buckley Center 163.

Please allow 24-48 hours for the making your appointment with the Speech and Presentation Lab.

Bust of Cicero

Cicero, De Oratore

"There is to my mind no more excellent thing that the powers, by means of oratory, to get a hold on assemblies of [the people], win their good will, direct their inclinations…. Who therefore would not rightly admire this faculty, and deem it [their] duty to exert [themselves] to the utmost in this field."

The Speech and Presentation Lab is a collaboration of the Department of Communication Studies and the Learning Commons. For more information, call the Learning Commons at 503.943.8002. To learn more about other opportunities to improve your public speaking, call communication studies at 503.943.7229.

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