MLA Long Quotes

Any quote longer than four typed lines must be presented in block format. Do not use quotation marks; instead, indent the entire quote one inch from the left margin to form a "block" of text. Double-space the quote, just like the text of the paper, and place the period at the end of the quote, not after the parentheses.


Lynda Boose identifies a conflict within this feminist examination:

With a certain irony, it can be said that psychoanalytic theory - which assumes the transhistorical nature of the family unit - had seemed to feminist explorers so strikingly appropriate a compass for remapping Shakespearean drama precisely because the Shakespearean family seemed to resemble our own modern one so closely. Even the Christian marriage ceremony has changed but negligibly from the ritual alluded to in Shakespeare's plays. (614)

Long quotations should be used rarely, however, because frequent use tends to break up your text and make the reader impatient. Also, be especially careful to integrate the quote into your paper. Introduce it, and comment afterwards on why it was important. (See Building Quotes Into Your Writing for more information.)

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