MLA Works Cited

Compile the full bibliographic information for all cited ideas at the end of your paper. This is a separate page with the words "Works Cited" centered at the top and the bibliographic entries listed alphabetically. The first line of each entry is justified to the left margin and any remaining lines are indented. All entries are double-spaced.

Book by One Author

Romaine, Suzanne. Communicating Gender. Mahwah,

NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1999.

Book by Two or More Authors

Davis, Miles, and Quincy Troupe. Miles: The

Autobiography. New York: Simon, 1989.

Book with an Author and an Editor

Xa, Henry. Tips for Successful Writing. Ed. Tom P.

Lincoln. New York: Schulster & Rolings, 1943.

An Edition of a Book

Smith, Katharine V. The Art of Being a Writing Assistant.

5th ed. San Francisco: U of Chicago P, 1992.

Selection from an Anthology or Edited Collection

Goldsby, Jackie. "Teamwork." When Tutor Meets

Student. 2nd ed. Ed. Martha Maxwell. Ann Arbor,

MI: U of Michigan P, 1994. 39-44.

Article from a Journal that Pages Each Issue Separately

(In this example "54" is the volume, "10" is the issue number)

Ireland, Theresa. "Classroom Management for the Social

Studies Classroom." The Record. 54.10 (2002): 20-25.

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