The PIYN Experience FAQs

service plunge 2020 pre-orientation banner image - 2 student participants

Why did you change the name of the Service Plunge to Plunge Into Your Neighborhood?
We desired a new name that reflected the value we place on community engagement and relationship-nurturing that the word "Service" alone didn't really capture.

Beyond simply "helping" others in need, this experience is designed to support incoming students in getting to know their new neighbors (both on- and off-campus) as partners and friends throughout their career at UP and beyond. This is more expansive and deeper than a single service encounter with a neighborhood community partner. 

Where will the PIYN Experience take place?
Participants will stay overnight in their dorm rooms. Programming and community engagement opportunities will primarily occur within walking distance off-campus, though we anticipate some activities will happen on the University of Portland campus. 

When will the PIYN Experience happen?
There will be two PIYN cohorts (A and B) with different start and end dates and times. Each will consist of two full days and one night.

Cohort A's PIYN Experience will happen on August 15 and 16. Cohort B's PIYN Experience will happen on August 16 and 17.

What are you doing to keep students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic?
The answer to this question is in development and will likely evolve as we make plans in the context of uncharted territory. All of our decisions are based on whether Multnomah County will be in the Baseline Phase or Phase 1.

The most dramatic accommodation we have made was to limit participation in the PIYN Experience to 30 students who will be divided into two cohorts of 15 students each. Each cohort will have a separate PIYN Experience with a separate timeframe for activities. 

Additionally, instead of sleeping together in an open room, all participants will stay overnight in their dorm rooms.

As we confirm activities and plans with our neighborhood community partners, we will update you on how we will manage physical distancing and sanitation protocols while continuing to uphold the integrity of the PIYN Experience program.

What can I bring into the event?
Since this will be the first time participants will sleep on-campus (rather than on a gym basement off-campus!), if you wish you may move everything you will be bringing with you to set up your dorm when you arrive.

All service sites require closed-toe shoes. Prepare for warmer weather. Portland averages a daily maximum temperature for August that's between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. University of Portland has banned all plastic water bottles, so please be sure to bring a refillable water bottle.

Isn't the Service Plunge $80? Why am I being charged more?
Yes, fee for the PIYN Experience is $80. The additional amount is retained by Eventbrite for payment processing associated with the transaction. None of the additional fees supports the PIYN Experience.

What if I do not want to pay the Eventbrite processing fees?
If you prefer to pay by check, you may send either a personal check or a check via your financial institution's bill pay service to:

University of Portland
St. Mary's Student Center, MSC 162
5000 N. Willamette Blvd.
Portland OR 97203

Please note on the check "PIYN Experience 2020" + Name of Student. Payment should reach our office within 7 business days.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
No, no printed ticket is necessary when you check-in.

What's the refund policy?
Refunds are available 30 days before the event. Our apologies that we cannot offer refunds after this date. If at any time University of Portland must cancel the event (as a result of unforeseen COVID-19-related complications, for example), you will be refunded in full.

When do I move in to my dorm room?

On the morning of August 15th for Cohort A and the morning of August 16th for Cohort B.

Will I have time to set up my dorm room?

You will have one hour to move in to your dorm room and start to set up. Please refer to an email from Residence Life for details on the amount of time to move in and being allowed to have two accompaniers to help you move in.

What if my roommate moves in later?

That is okay. Because you signed up for the PIYN Experience, you will move in early and they will move in on their later move in date. They will be moving in either Monday, August 17th, or Tuesday, August 18th. 

What if Residence Life sent me a different move-in day or time?

Residence Life will fix this. Because some people have signed up for the PIYN Experience after Residence Life was sending out move in date assignments, they may need to update your move-in date to the 15th for Cohort A or the 16th for Cohort B. Any other date is incorrect.

When will PIYN start or end?

Your PIYN Experience will start at 1pm on your move in date and you will receive more information from the Moreau Center for Service and Justice on this.

How will I eat if the dining halls are closed?

Meal plans begin on August 17th. Before then, you will have meals provided during the PIYN Experience.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Email or phone Moreau Center at 503.943.8195. The PIYN Experience Advisor is Tshombé Brown and your student coordinators are Lexie Rudolph and Meghan Potter. Please reach out to us first for any questions about your room, food or anything else.