Plunge Into Your Neighborhood

service plunge 2020 pre-orientation banner image - two student participants

The Plunge Into Your Neighborhood (PIYN) Experience is happening August 15-17.

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When you join the Plunge Into Your Neighborbood (formerly known as the Service Plunge) Experience, you will . . .

  • Engage the Core Commitments of the Moreau Center for Service and Justice
  • Immerse yourself in your new North Portland community
  • Learn, Work, Play, and Celebrate with your new neighbors (on- and off-campus)
  • Make new friends and connections that will last a lifetime

Cost: $80 


  • Cohort A: August 15-16 (limited to 15 students) 
  • Cohort B: August 16-17 (limited to 15 students) 

Location: On- and Off-campus 

Capacity: 30 students (divided into two cohorts of 15)

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Special Notes

We are excited to announce the Plunge Into Your Neighborhood (PIYN) Experience (formerly called "Service Plunge") is happening! Though it will look a little different from prior years, the PIYN Experience will be fun, interactive, and exemplify the Moreau Center values of Social Justice, Community, Solidarity, Reflection, Hospitality and Care.

Substantially fewer students who will be able to participate this year, given the Oregon and Multnomah County physical-distancing and health standards requirements. Be sure to apply early so that you can secure your place in line. We will let you know right away if you are on the waiting list.

Questions? Be sure to consult our FAQ page frequently, as or email us at

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