How We Operate

Who is the Physical Plant? What do we do?

The Physical Plant Department is a dynamic team of dedicated technicians and leaders who seek to prevent problems before they arise and maintain the best possible environment for students, faculty and staff.

Our department of approximately 100 employees serve the campus every day and night of the week and we're organized into these groups:

Building Mechanics
Responsible for general maintenance around campus including mechanical equipment, plumbing, preventative maintenance, and electrical breakers, switches or receptacles. This also includes an Auto Shop that is responsible for diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining all University owned vehicles and Physical Plant equipment.

Carpentry and Paint
Responsible for repairing doors, windows, blinds, walls, ceilings, flooring, hanging and mounting on walls, woodwork, roof leaks, and a variety of other projects. The Paint Shop is responsible for patching and painting interior and exterior walls, parking lot and curb painting, and wood staining.

Custodial Day and Night
Responsible for keeping our campus community clean. They maintain residence hall general spaces including restrooms, study areas, basement common areas, recycling, as well as academic and athletic building general spaces. They perform routine cleaning services on a daily and weekly basis.

Event Services
Works closely with University Events to provide a point of contact with Physical Plant to bring together all of the services for events on campus. This includes events such as Commencement, Weekend on the Bluff, Orientation, and campus visits. They also oversee the moving, storing and installation of furniture in certain spaces on campus.

Professionally maintain the overall image, sustainability, and safety of campus. Responsibilities include lawn care, tree and plant care, hardscaping, irrigation management, equipment operation and safety, drain and storm water, pest control, emergency storm remediation, and providing sustainable solutions and input for stakeholders.

Maintain all campus boilers, heating and cooling equipment, refrigeration, and building climate through efficient operation of building systems, including implementation of temperature standards for university facilities. They are a pivotal aspect of the sustainable efforts through the SEM program.

Provides services such as installation and repairs for locks, door hardware, retrofits for lock and hand-levers, and issuing of brass keys.

Work Planning and Management

Purchasing / Warehouse

Waste Management